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Command Base


Command Base up and Running.. this is Alpha Seti 1. 

Moon Like Planet Very cold -30 degrees daytime temp and -50 nighttime temps. Snow planet. Thin breathable air, 

Solar power plant upper top left, upper right water decontamination plant, water storage facility, and Live stock Dome Growing Grass for future dome parks. in the works is a fish hatchery dome no field lots. new residential Buildings (LOTS). 





New habitats building for our colony... Still using a bit of sim mars to get me started but one by one i am taking it all out... One thing will stay. The Automation of the cars. I didnt want the regular cars to show..  Also I am using the NAM with this Mod so i will see if it will work with the automation for this..  one by one we are replacing each lot with new lots and I am using either maxis base textures or one or more of the BSC textures for the LOT... 


if anyone wants to help me with this mod i am trying to create your more than welcome to add to it with me. right now I am working on all the R$ lots. my new buildings are being made into buildings for the lots as well as regular props. 

this mod like sim mars mod i would like the buildings to be utilitarian they must look strong enough to protect the sims.. 

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You should use @rsc204 no sidewalk grass mod for a first, but I guess you'll find his GoFSH scripts more useful and flexible...

While this is not my cup of tea, the idea is great and I'm confident you'll get some great results!

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40 minutes ago, Terring said:

OK, just the idea of a city journal about colonization of the Moon is epic by itself and I can't wait to see the rest *:thumb:

I think you may want to add this building in your colony as well *;)

thank you.. i did grab the file.... looks real cool...


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this is the game i used to play when i was in my 20's .....



upper right hand corner water storage.. as you can see i got it just about right,,,

middle bottom solar power

to the left radiators for the power station fusion communications upper left hand corner and middle left O2 factory. 

middle are all the residential...


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