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Subway development



Hello, welcome to another entry from this city journal.

The City council approved the Third line of the Metro


with a slight change: The project initially ends the line in the front of the Sambadrome, that was already attended by the Station Aclimação. the new project includes the already revamped station Aclimação, with stubs for new lines in project. Here's a image that shows the change:

The green circle indicates the new end of the line 3.

Even with that discussions, some stations are already been created, even if they're in a different stage of development


Construction site of the Estação Iguaçu, from the Avenida Bom-Retiro


From Avenida Metropolitana


New Station Bandeirantes, right next to the old one that will be deactivated.



Transportation in Bellingham until now.





This is the best example of what a "city journal" is lol.  Great looking city, nice work on the schematic map

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Thank you for your kind comment! I want to keep it simple that time so no new areas of the region are showed in this entry. But in the next entries I'll keep it up, for example now I repaired that there's no airports in the region, but I'm developing a new a area... Oh my doubts! and I still haven't presented the port!

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Yeah it's the simplicity I like.  It's a nice quick story with enough screenshots to tell the story.  The construction and map make it feel more real.

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Organic transit system development  I much more like instead of generic lines laid north-south east-west in a grid patern.Maxis line employment often takes a twist with reality sorting out unlogical directions. Road, boulevards unballenced used are a mere side track. Nice downtown and parks. Building subway lots nice diverge of pre maid plopabel bat´s, well done !

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