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Poutine City



Among all the cities and towns visited par P. R. in her travels, Poutine City is certainly so far the most un-fancy : a no-nonsense, daily-grind kind of city. Not actually  a city in itself but the creeping eastern borough of a larger metropolis, Caraway. Poutine is not even its real name (it is Caraway East), but that’s what the inhabitants call it, because it developped quite quickly and a lot of people had to be housed fast, so the Mayor wanted sturdy : lots of prefabs and concrete buildings jammed together on a grid, the most people in the smaller space for your buck. Of course, with time, a few higher-end buildings sprouted up here and there, but most of Poutine City's architecture is downright utilitarian

1.The Grammercy Hospital (on the smallish side -- Poutine is home to 250 000 people) but there are several big clinics all around town.


2. seen from the back ; most of Poutine's sport fields are there too ; upper right, the small Grammercy College :


3. Commerce Place :


4. Still busy in the evening :


5. Industry :


6. A few family homes manage to hold on :


7.  Fast Food Row :



8. There are of course all the amenities : schools, sport fields, a rather quaint but pretty little city hall, near the St-Benigne cathedral :



9. There are also places where the citizens can breathe and relax at the the end of a dutifully busy day, like the peaceful ST-Benign cemetery Park, or the Zoo (a small, urban affair, but the kiddies like it) :





11. Just beside the Zoo is the the Windy Park – “thrice windy”, P. R. was told : named after the Mayor’s daughter, no straight lines in sight and always sporting a refreshing breeze (yeah, I know ; the daughter’s name is Wendy, of course ; but the Poutinians like bad wordplay).


Now P. R. is going back home. Her travelling season is over for a while. She must work on her next book. And I must tidy up my plugins -- again -- or my nifty system will break down under the sheer weight of all the Stuff I DLed in the past months. I also must plot P. R 's next forays into the blue yonder, with all I've learned since I began this CJ. Thanks to all of you who followed this little CJ, liked it, commented on it, gave me pointers and cogent criticism. I will try to do right by you in ny next endeavours. I might post a few pictures of tests now and then, but mostly, I lurk here on other CJs (and surely comment once in a while !:-)


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Yo, --

The sheer mass is almost overwhelming !!

But even with the few repetitive buildings, there is still an absolute TON of custom material.  The big park offers much needed relief and the night lights on the cathedral are superb!!  Do I hear "hiatus" in the offing??  Take a break -- and enjoy yourself with a bit of building.  The act of "building and creative layout" is most "liberating" as well as soothing. 

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I was testing some new utilitarian looking buildings, and when I saw them sprout up like this, (massively, indeed) I thought, well, why not drop the test and make a city out of it?

And, yep, "hiatus" seems à la mode nowadays...:-)

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Poutine(lol) reminds me of the endless apartment blocks of Manhatten, sims gotta live somewhere. I really like that park and those night shots too. It's sad to hear this is the last stop on P.R.'s advanture but I guess it's only natural that's shes a little tired from all the stops that she made on her trip. I'm looking forward to her next journey :)

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utilitarian yes, but I bet the inhabitants are lively enough to make up for it, something about the city conveys an excellent sense of urgency and like others, I am casting admiring glances as the park/zoo area and I always like a good cathedral, which is an admittedly strange choice for an atheist

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Poutin indeed seems to be a utilitarian repetition, smart use of zones reduces the car use to the minimal with a aditional bus network all important businesses are just around the corner; work, shopping, recreation all witin walking or bus distance, can´t see any subway stations so a very relaxed enviroment, well done !

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Great planning! Just make sure you get those connections in check ;) and not too repeat too much typologies.

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Nice work. What is the name of that office building in the bottom of your first pic, the one that looks like angled rectangular? :D 

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thanks. Do you mean the hospital (grey, straight and two diagonal aisles) or the commercial (closer to the bottom, troncated triangle) ?

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On April 13, 2016 at 2:47 AM, jmsepe said:

Nice work. What is the name of that office building in the bottom of your first pic, the one that looks like angled rectangular? :D 

just in case you're still wondering:-) I find out for the grey building with two aisles : MS_WarsawNursingSchool-Hospital (MS is Motokloss and I think you can find this on Simcity Polska)

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