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Markland Port - A NIMBY has to go in someone's backyard....



When Markland Woods was chosen as the new capitol of the Dynamo Dukedom, planners knew that they had to keep an area clear for industrial development in the region. This is where the borough of Markland Port is key. Markland Port was formed as a semi-independent borough of Markland Woods that could be used for industrial development and border services. Markland Port is directly connected to the Continental Kingdom of Mintakous and a proper border has been built to control access between the two independent governments.


Markland Port is mainly an industrial area with three major regions.


The Portlands is where raw materials, as well as finished products, can be shipped by cargo to many markets around the world. The Portlands also contains the Eastern Terminus of the Dynamo Amalgamated Rapid Transit System’s 'Speed Link' rail system. The Portlands also contain a commuter rail station as well as a ferry dock.


Border Watch is the eastern most area of Markland Port, as well as the Dynamo Dukedom. Border watch is one of the few road and rail crossings from the Dynamo Dukedom to the Continental Kingdom of Mintakous. The border is patrolled, day and night, by the Dynamo Border Patrol to ensure that the dukedom has control over who enters the area, as well as ensuring the proper taxes are paid and contraband is not brought into the dukedom.


The Industrial Sector of Markland Port is where large amounts of raw industrial processes take place so refined materials can be transported throughout the dukedom to be used at other facilities, or exported to other nations. The largest area in the Industrial Sector is the Occidental Waste Management Corporation, Waste Remediation Complex. This huge facility is where OWMC receives solid waste, as well as toxic liquid waste and processes and recycles the waste. Glass, plastic, and metals are melted down while cardboard and paper are shredded. Organic waste is composted in an indoor composting facility and the remaining waste is incinerated and the heat is used for electrical generation.


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