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BTT (CJ section): 6 March 2014




Hi, Huston. And another 'not too shabby' week for you.

Hi, jmsepe. On the brink this week...

Hi, paeng. Glad you're enjoying Banished - hopefully it will be released for MAC so I can give it a try.


Ben's Top Ten

I've been expecting this for a while now, but the competition has been so fierce lately, that it has taken a revolution to see Repubblica di Macondo reach number one for the first time.

Random & Random and Nyhaven are back.

Happy CJing, everyone!

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Ben's +10

Teiko Metropolitan Area by jmsepe

Greater Whatcom Region by SounderBruce

Mitiga by 89James89

Sector 5 by Benedict

Schulmania by schulmanator

Addison County by rewright

Teddy City by Titanic Bluff

Lübbenauer Tor by TekindusT

A random journal by Moerp

Amnefest Village by NurelFayed


Recommended Comments

I'm very happy for the result. I had to work hard. I was afraid that talk of revolution at this time would create controversy, but fortunately it did not happen. Thank you.

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Well, it's been a heavyweights week!


Totally agree with Schulmanator. This update from gigius76 will stay in our minds until next year's Trixies, I presume.

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Whoa... Hanging in the 11th place... Still more work to do... but sadly no update this week. See you soon... :D

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But I guess I couldn't beat that unprecedented update that stunned the community :O Great job gigius on first ;0


But I do like the fact that my CJs are so close to the top, ME:TMW and R&R both. Lol at that sandwich though, huh Militant? :P

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It must be the Drama Llama Season of joy for all to Sii.  Wii have all gathered to our share of I-Kandy.   Great job as the new norm. 

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