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1.6 Katie




Hi, KonstantinII. Thanks - one thing about SC2013, it lets you take some impressive screenshots.

Hi, TekindusT. Thank you! Hopefully I can hold your interest.

Hi, Schulmanator. I wonder if we'll need a Snowdonian moment to expose the eminence grise.

Hi, Huston. Maybe...

Hi, jmsepe. Thanks! And welcome to Sector 5.

Hi, Titanicbluff. Yes, this is with the expansion. Far more interesting than the base game, I think. Welcome to the CJ.

Hi, FourteenRocket. Thanks for answering, and welcome to Sector 5.

And now, more from....


It's late in Sector 5.

Not everywhere is sleepy, though.


The oil wells run 24/7, helping to balance the city's books.


Even though it's almost midnight, the lights are also on in Katie's trailer.


Her aunt is comforting her. "It was an accident, Katie," she says. "Your mom wouldn't have known what happened. I'm so sorry."

All Katie can do is stare in silence at the floor.

"You'll have to come and stay with me, dear. You're only 17, so they won't let you live here alone."

Katie had wanted to leave the trailer so badly, had planned hundreds of scenarios to escape the life on Dragonfly Lane. But not one had started like this. She felt empty inside.

"I know it's sudden, but you'll have to pack a suitcase, Katie. There's a 2am train. We can come back next weekend and sort through everything."

She began to put clothes in the battered case that belongs, no, had belonged to her mom. Katie looked around the trailer, looked at all its shabbiness, all the parts of it she had despised for years. And suddenly realized she loved it. How could she take it all with her? How could she take even a small part with her? She closed the suitcase. The only thing she put in there other than her clothes was herself, steeled against the new world she was about to enter.

"I'm ready," she said. The first words her aunt had heard from her.

They boarded the train, not one person at the station knowing that he mom had just died. Completely normal routine of document checks, seat finding, departing.


In minutes they were leaving the city. Leaving the trailer, leaving the oil rigs, leaving mom's life, leaving her old life, leaving, leaving, leaving...


"Katie, would you like anything to eat or drink," asked her aunt.

"No, thank you. And it's Kate, not Katie."


Time to leave her diminutive name behind, thought Kate as they approached the bridge.

Time to leave it all behind.


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