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BTT (CJ section): 27 February 2014




Hi, jmsepe. Nice to see you here last time.

Hi, Huston. Scores to get in the top ten and +10 seem to be getting higher by the week. However, you've been consistently in the top ten (and mostly top 5) for months now - you must be doing something right!

Hi, SimRico. Welcome, welcome.

Hi, PhatHead. Thanks - although it is Sector 5...

Hi, ROFLyoshi. BTT loves your making the list.

Hi, woodb3kmaster. I think it is not unusual when I CJ had/has a major following in the forum that it doesn't do as well/takes longer to do well in the CJ section.


Ben's Top Ten

Journey through Paengia stays on top with a trip to 'Banished' - one of a handful of number ones that don't feature a SC4 image.

New SorGun and Okaiken are back, and Addison County is new.

Happy CJing, everyone!

Follow on Twitter: @benstopten


Ben's +10

Okatabawashi by TowerDude

The Greater Whatcom Region by SounderBruce

Asgard by Fox

Redwolf by ROFLyoshi

Mitiga by 89James89

Teiko Metropolitan Area by jmsepe

A random journal by Moerp

The Regency of Medang & Kamalun by zahrul3

Stepford Island by SimRico

Schulmania by schulmanator


Recommended Comments

Not to shabby. Hopefully the next update I throw in will get me a little higher up. Congrats to paeng though with his intro to banished. ;)

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Hey :-)


Since reading about Banished about 2 years ago, I always felt it would be right up my alley... and it did not disappoint me! Good to see that a lot of you are getting into it as well :-) It is more than worthy of our support.


Right now it is even eating up a bit more of my time than expected... my CJ activities are seriously lagging! LOL

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