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The Best Defense #76




Schulmanator: Hahaha, it was more than a blast, it was ELECTRIFYING! Hahahaha, oh, I slay me.

Munchiez: She certainly thought so.

PREVIOUSLY on The Best Defense: What was Hoshi-Hime up to? Hunting down a fifth magical girl, apparently, with a classmate named Naruki who is certainly more than he seems. She ended up zapping a large part of Stranahan Hills, prompting the Defenders to leave the Media Expo to try to contain the situation. OH, and Morning Angel still wants to break out.


5bc83ae7-63c3-4cc0-95a6-33ca268470dd_zps6008bdd5.jpg Mizu-no-Hime: ...and we got there too late, they must have started before the time Serena told us, and we found her shooting lightning all over the place, but she's panicked, and we tried to help her, and Hi-no-Hime was struck by lightning, but the Power Unit said she's okay. We knew something was wrong with Serena, we hadn't seen her all week, and-

8d1ae231-a319-425e-ad3c-52cb875e66fc_zps6735e598.jpg Titus: Okay, we understand. I'll try something else. Wait here.

Titus was again airborne, but stayed away from the frightened girl enveloped by lightning. He disappeared over the buildings, and reappeared shortly, holding a long, thick, metal pole. It must have been some kind of antenna. He landed near the circle of electric chaos and stepped forward a bit, thrusting the metal pole at Kylie.

8d1ae231-a319-425e-ad3c-52cb875e66fc_zps6735e598.jpg Titus: Grab this! I don't think I can get any closer! Grab it!

Kylie, still screaming, did not hear him, and the lightning continued to strike. Titus knew he had little choice but to try running at her again. He jumped into the storm, and swung the pole at her, trying to catch her before he was struck again, but also trying not to kill her with too much power. She saw the pole swinging at her and ducked, trying to avoid it. Titus was a professional though, and swept the pole towards the ground, catching her in her belly before she was properly crouched.

Inazuma-Hime_zps60df8b38.jpg Inazuma-Hime: Oof!

She was pinned to the ground by the pole, and Titus' armor began siphoning off the electricity, pulling the energy away from the girl through the pole, and finally, the destructive bolts came to a stop.


Titus' armor, beeping with a number of critical system failures and warnings was smoking and sparking. He dropped the pole and pointed his blasters at the sky and released much of the energy into the atmosphere, ending the threat. He looked over to see Kylie on the ground, unconscious, and Power Unit medics already tending to her. Cosmette, Juliet, Sensational Girl, and Mizu-no-Hime were there as well.

SensationalGirl_zps876cf726.jpg Sensational Girl: Titus, that was amazing! How did you think of that?

8d1ae231-a319-425e-ad3c-52cb875e66fc_zps6735e598.jpg Titus: Well, maybe she just needed a way to drain the electricity away. I decided it would be a good idea to be her lightning rod, I'm just glad the armor could take it. We might get some weird weather for a while, too. I'm gonna need to see Dr. O'Sullivan again soon, though. We'll need to make some repairs. You know. Soon?

Sensational Girl eyed his smoking, overloaded armor and understood.

SensationalGirl_zps876cf726.jpg Sensational Girl: Go now, we'll handle things from here. Don't worry, you can trust your teammates!

8d1ae231-a319-425e-ad3c-52cb875e66fc_zps6735e598.jpg Titus: Heh, of course I can. I'll see you back at HQ!

And with that, Titus was airborne. Sensational Girl looked around and saw Cosmette and Juliet talking with the Power Unit and a wailing, distraught Mizu-no-Hime. They were apparently arguing over what to do with the unconscious girl.

5bc83ae7-63c3-4cc0-95a6-33ca268470dd_zps6008bdd5.jpg Mizu-no-Hime: Why do you wanna put her in jail!? She's the victim here! We don't even know what happened to her without talking to Hoshi-Hime or that boy!

LieutenantWalker_zpsa577cb16.jpg Lt. Walker: She needs to be taken to a place where if she wakes up and is still exploding with lightning she can be handled. Sending her off with you does not guarantee anyone's safety.

Cosmette_zps8ec9f2b9.jpg Cosmette: We can take her to the infirmary at HQ. We have Sensational Girl and Dr. Brooks, we should be able to take care of that, and Mizu-no-Hime has security clearance to access it, I don't see why that would be a problem.

LieutenantWalker_zpsa577cb16.jpg Lt. Walker: But Sensational Girl didn't do you much good just now. And then you'd have the possibility of her exploding with lightning in the middle of the city. Again. It is a risk not worth taking.

5bc83ae7-63c3-4cc0-95a6-33ca268470dd_zps6008bdd5.jpg Mizu-no-Hime: She needs help! Don't take her to jail! She doesn't deserve it!

LieutenantWalker_zpsa577cb16.jpg Lt. Walker: It's not jail, Mizu-no-Hime. It's caution. She wouldn't be suddenly sharing a cell with Ami or anything.

Cosmette_zps8ec9f2b9.jpg Cosmette: We can handle her at HQ. We can-

5bc83ae7-63c3-4cc0-95a6-33ca268470dd_zps6008bdd5.jpg Mizu-no-Hime: Handle?? Handle?! I told you! She's not a bad guy! She's just-

LieutenantWalker_zpsa577cb16.jpg Lt. Walker: Uh, excuse me.

Lt. Walker held up her hand and touched a button on her uniform on her collarbone.

LieutenantWalker_zpsa577cb16.jpg Lt. Walker: Go ahead.

There was a short pause. Lt. Walker's face suddenly drained of color, and she became very serious. She listened for a few moments and then nodded.

LieutenantWalker_zpsa577cb16.jpg Lt. Walker: Understood.

She looked at Mizu-no-Hime and the female Defenders.

LieutenantWalker_zpsa577cb16.jpg Lt. Walker: There was an incident at Fort Mison. Seven inmates have escaped. Two were killed, along with seven guards. Your presence is requested there. I will accompany you, this girl, and the can't-stop-crying-blue-skirt girl. A helicopter will be here shortly to take us there.

5bc83ae7-63c3-4cc0-95a6-33ca268470dd_zps6008bdd5.jpg Mizu-no-Hime: But-

LieutenantWalker_zpsa577cb16.jpg Lt. Walker: Do not argue. There are no alternatives. Senator Pearson is going to declare martial law in Port Matthew. We must prepare for war.



CoyoteVersus_zpsb5456938.jpg Coyote Versus: This is boring, Gragus. Monitor duty? We should be with them at the expo. There are hot reporters out there who need inside stories. That's where we're needed.

Gragus gave him a sideways glance and continued to ignore him. The space man's voice had become something of a background noise, and he found it increasingly easy not to hear it. Still, it was tiresome to be sitting in the control at Defenders' HQ with nothing happening. His intelligence seemed so correct. Plenty of rogue energy in the area to suggest the elicit activity he suspected. Why was nothing happening? Where was everyone?

CoyoteVersus_zpsb5456938.jpg Coyote Versus: You know, I expected a lot more action when I signed up for this outfit. I mean, the Defenders! They're one of this world's premier teams of protectors! They should have exciting things to do everyday! But sitting here waiting for something to happen? It's so boring. So... reactive. We should be proactive. It's far more interesting to be offensive than it is to be... well... this.

cdc0a78c-4dd3-43f7-a5c3-14f3d7b56e00_zps85bcef30.jpg Gragus: They are called the Defenders, halfling. From what I have been told, you could have had a chance to sign up with some Offenders some time ago.

CoyoteVersus_zpsb5456938.jpg Coyote Versus: Yeah, yeah... Hey, is that Titus? I thought they were at the media expo till dinner?

Sure enough Titus was flying through the air for the buildling. His armor was leaving a thick trail of smoke behind it, and that was unusual. Versus was already on his way to the roof to meet the armored Defender even as he was finishing his sentence. Gragus watched him leave and sighed in relief.

cdc0a78c-4dd3-43f7-a5c3-14f3d7b56e00_zps85bcef30.jpg Gragus: Ah... Silence.

Gragus sat down and sank into one of the plush chairs in front of an array of floating monitors. He tapped through them, trying to use a backdoor he had made on a previous visit, but found his entrance blocked. His disappointment was shortlived, however. He found a new interesting thing. The system had also been altered by someone else who was not an administrator. It was an odd, inelegant plug jammed between the computers and incoming messages. A strange thing to be there. What if someone was trying to call them? What if there was an alert? Gragus used his powers to overload the circuit and bypass the plug, and suddenly the monitors lit up with urgent alerts. Gragus stood up and turned to meet Titus and Versus outside, but they were already entering the control room to meet him.

8d1ae231-a319-425e-ad3c-52cb875e66fc_zps6735e598.jpg Titus: Gragus, there was an incident in Fuji-Cho-

cdc0a78c-4dd3-43f7-a5c3-14f3d7b56e00_zps85bcef30.jpg Gragus: I see. The alerts were blocked. I fixed it temporarily, but it's possible the block will come back. It seems it is not just Fuji-Cho to have an incident.

Titus and Versus looked past Gragus at the monitors.

8d1ae231-a319-425e-ad3c-52cb875e66fc_zps6735e598.jpg Titus: Oh, no...

CoyoteVersus_zpsb5456938.jpg Coyote Versus: Morning Angel? Gragus, you owe me some money.

cdc0a78c-4dd3-43f7-a5c3-14f3d7b56e00_zps85bcef30.jpg Gragus: She is gone. The alerts indicate that Lieutenant Walker is taking your females to Fort Mison now with the unconscious lightning storm. It is best if we join them.

8d1ae231-a319-425e-ad3c-52cb875e66fc_zps6735e598.jpg Titus: I can't go, not like this. Not unless you want me to die halfway there.

cdc0a78c-4dd3-43f7-a5c3-14f3d7b56e00_zps85bcef30.jpg Gragus: Go and fix your problem and then work with Dr. O'Sullivan to fix this alerts problem. Has this happened before?

8d1ae231-a319-425e-ad3c-52cb875e66fc_zps6735e598.jpg Titus: No. This is the first time.

Titus did his best not to glance at Coyote Versus. The access needed to do such a thing indicated an inside job, and he was the most suspicious new addition to the building in recent weeks.

8d1ae231-a319-425e-ad3c-52cb875e66fc_zps6735e598.jpg Titus: Anyways, get going. We'll solve our communications problems and I'll head down there as soon as I'm ready.

cdc0a78c-4dd3-43f7-a5c3-14f3d7b56e00_zps85bcef30.jpg Gragus: Alright.

Gragus and Versus nodded at each other and were off. Titus glanced once more at the alerts, but the ticking clock on his burned out armor made him put off checking. It would be better to do it with smarter engineers anyways...


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