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BTT (CJ section): 23 January 2014




Hi, MilitantRadical. The CJ your recommended is climbing this week.

Hi, feeroz123. Good work last time.

Hi, gigius76. Looking good this week.

Hi, Huston. I'd hardly call your recent string of appearances in BTT 'losing your grip' :) .

Hi, Bastet69008. Nicely done again this week.

Hi, ThomasSimspon. And still in BTT based on the past few strong weeks.

HI, SimCoug. Always good things to read and look at every week.


Ben's Top Ten

It was extremely close among the top 3 this week, and Republic of San Theodoros holds on to number one.

Al-Qurayyah Rising and State of Nakama return.

Follow on Twitter: @benstopten


Ben's +10

There's a tie at numerb 20, so this week it's Ben's +11

Islas Verdes by Kruness

Welcome to Peyton Place by SimRico

Okatabawashi by TowerDude

Republica de Guatalaga by Krisman

Bless the fall by Chrissmotionlesfan

Lübbenauer Tor by TekindusT

Holt by sim_link

Teddy City by Titanic Bluff

Port Matthew's The Best Defense by NMUSpidey

Josephinia by Lost Realist

Paridise Island by nathanthemayor


Recommended Comments

Thanks for the mention but most importantly, thanks for compiling these lists which such dedication. I think that should be mentioned! (:

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Hotdawg  another week and great action list.  Sorry I haven't been here in a while I found a 2013 game that's more funny to play then the New SC game.   I'll try harder to check in more often.


See youz allz next list time on this list channel.

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