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BTT (CJ section): 8 November 2012

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Hi, Mithrik. Thanks for your comment.

Hi, SimCoug. A great week indeed.

Hi, MilitantRadical. Like you, I missed it until I was compiling the weekly data.

Hi, mystic_destiny. Nice work last time.

Hi, spursrule14. You're welcome - that was outstandingly creepy work.

Hi, TheOlympics. Excellent work last time - scroll down to see what happened this week.


Ben's Top Ten

New CJ Paris debuts at number one - well done.

Zeroing City is new to the Top Ten at 6, and Atlantsia returns at 10.

Follow BTT on twitter: @BensTopTen for early updates.

Happy CJing until next week!


Ben's +10

Atarashima by mystic_destiny

Okatabawashi by TowerDude

Hiroshima by art128

Mystic's Experimenting CJ

Ionica by MilitantRadical

Alien [||] Worlds 2 by spursrule14

Hiijaran United Confederacy by Hiigarar

New Chandler by k50

Emerita Augusta by DebussyMan

Dreams by spursrule14

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Completely agreed, that Paris recreation is completely astonishing. I can almost feel that it's a photo of the very city.

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I would have liked to finish out my series on this list, but everything has been so good recently there really isn't anything I'd want to replace. Congrats everyone!

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I'm not a big fan of overly-photoshoped images, but I will make an exception for the Paris update - the theme was top notch.

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