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The Sensational Six #152 & 153

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Okay, so I kinda lied, there won't be so many parts to finish out the run. We've got these two here, two more, and the bonus features! So, enjoy, my many fans, as we finally find out what Marley is up to!


On the road to Tory's house, and then at Tory's house... Please imagine it's nighttime. Honestly, I'm not even sure if his neighborhood still looks like this because I've made a few changes since I started this story cj more than a year and a half ago. Oh well! Enjoy!

Dan-O-3.jpg Dan-O: Don't worry, you two. We won't let you guys out of our sights for even a milisecond. For even a nanosecond! For even a-

Nina-7.jpg Nina: Hahaha, we got it, Dan-O! Geez!

Nina was crammed into the backseat of the car with kari, Momo, and Ayumi and they had spent most of the ride as a chorus of nervous giggles. Taro drove and Dan-O kept him company in the front seat.

Kari-5.jpg Kari: There is totally like, something huge giong down at this party. This is probably like the biggest one he's had since that WinterFest one last year.

Nina-7.jpg Nina: *dryly* Yeah, and everyone knows what happened there.

Ayumi-2_zpsefaa1c12.jpg Ayumi: It's amazing that you weren't even the big story at that one.

Nina-7.jpg Nina: We were one of them, though.

Ayumi-2_zpsefaa1c12.jpg Ayumi: Well, Marley has a way of upstaging everyone else.

Kari-5.jpg Kari: If not for her, you'd probably be Prom Queen.

Ayumi-2_zpsefaa1c12.jpg Ayumi: *shrugs* There are plenty of girls like us in school.

Ayumi had begun to feel uncomfortable with being lumped in with them and decided to tactfully add the three other girls in the car with her.

Ayumi-2_zpsefaa1c12.jpg Ayumi: Remove any one of us and it's still a tight race.

Kari-5.jpg Kari: Any bets on who'd win if not for Marley?

Momo-6.jpg Momo: *proudly* Is me! Everyone think I am such great and beautiful girl!

Dan-O-3.jpg Dan-O: Hahahaha, not to mention how modest and humble you are, too!

Momo-6.jpg Momo: I do not want to remember those words. I am the best ryuugakusei in the history.

Nina-7.jpg Nina: Hehe, please do your best to shield us from sight tonight, Momo-chan.

Momo-6.jpg Momo: No one can see something except my glorious oppai.

Kari-5.jpg Kari: *facepalm* Glorious oppai? Oh my god.

Dan-O-3.jpg Dan-O: Hey! I didn't teach her that, I know that's what you're thinking! She came at me with that all by herself!

Kari-5.jpg Kari: You two are undoubtedly a match made in heaven.

Everyone fell silent as they pulled into Tory's subdivision. The street was lined with many of their peers' cars, and Taro drove slowly past them all in search of a suitable spot. They reached the house at the back of the neighborhood, cars were parked up and down the lawn on either side of the driveway, so Taro pulled the car into the vacant area at the foot of the driveway and turned it off. They could hear hiphop/dance music thumping softly in the warm night air, mingled with the sounds of revelers' voices happy in the distance. They drew a collective sigh and The Six exchanged nervous looks before exiting the old car and making their way towards the house.

The rain had ended sometime around dinnertime enveloping the island in a warm, humid mist. Everything felt damp and sticky and slick at the same time, making the party quite a sweaty affair. Walking up to the house through the mist created an atmosphere of mystery, and their anticipation (dread?) of what was in store of the night mounted.

Taro-5.jpg Taro: Well, here we are, you guys.

Taro was reluctant and excited at the same time.

Dan-O-3.jpg Dan-O: Remember, keep each other in sight at all times. Don't even go to the bathroom by yourself!

Kari-5.jpg Kari: Okay, like, jeez, Dad. All we gotta do is make an appearance and then we'll be free to go for the night.

Taro-5.jpg Taro: Yup, remember the escape plan, and keep your eyes peeled for anything out of order, that'll be our cue to leave.

Dan-O-3.jpg Dan-O: Let's do this.

Dan-O and Taro, side by side, led the girls up the steps and into the crowded, noisy house.

Forester students were everywhere, laughing and talking with each other, drinking and dancing, and so many had come that the party had spilled out into the backyard. The Six wandered in and stuck together as they wound their way through the crowd, exchanging greetings and pleasantries as they went. They settled in near the back of the house near a window with a view of the backyard and the mountain that rose abruptly beyond.

Taro-5.jpg Taro: What're we supposed to be watching out for?

Nina-7.jpg Nina: I don't know.

Taro-5.jpg Taro: Who's something going to happen to?

Nina-7.jpg Nina: Uh, I don't,uh, know? *glances at Taro apologetically* Maybe Tsukino? Is she coming?

Dan-O-3.jpg Dan-O: Well, when's it going to happen?

Nina-7.jpg Nina: I... I don't know...

Dan-O-3.jpg Dan-O: God, Nina, do you know anything?!

Nina-7.jpg Nina: Shut up, Dan-O, I know more than you!

Dan-O-3.jpg Dan-O: *exaggerated anger* Nuh uh! I can build robots! Can you build robots?!

Ayumi-2_zpsefaa1c12.jpg Ayumi: Wow, no wonder you guys weren't part of the in-crowd. You really are pretty nerdy.

Kari-5.jpg Kari: Hahaha, and you're the one hanging out with us all the time!

Ayumi-2_zpsefaa1c12.jpg Ayumi: Yes, well, there's the in-crowd, and then there's friends. And now I'm quite satisfied with my choice.

Untitled-1.jpg Marley: Nina! Woo!

Marley, with an inebriated exuberance that was too put-on to be 100% real, came dancing through the crowd to join The Six. She put her arms around Nina's neck and, catching Nina completely by surprise, kissed her on her lips and laughed.

Untitled-1.jpg Marley: Hahahaha, quite the different atmosphere than the last time we partied together, huh?

Nina-7.jpg Nina: Ugh, Marley, you stink like a brewery!

Nina made a face and pushed her away before Marley could plant another kiss on her face. She saw the innocent expression on the small girl's red face and rolled her eyes.

Nina-7.jpg Nina: I don't know what you've got planned, but-

Marley batted Nina's words out of the air with a wave of her arms.

Untitled-1.jpg Marley: You are too worried, sweet little Princess Nina. I thought I already told you, you're untouchable. You don't honestly think we threw this whole party for you now, did you?

Nina-7.jpg Nina: *frustrated* You did last year! Or did you think I forgot about that!?

Untitled-1.jpg Marley: Don't remind me of all the reasons I wanted to kill you, Nina.

Marley's reply was made in a loud, firm voice, sober violence in her suddenly very clear eyes.

Nina-7.jpg Nina: Then don't do the same to me!

There was a tense moment as Marley and Nina glared at each other. That year's peace was on the verge of being destroyed. They appeared ready to trade blows right there in the house amongst everyone when kenji materialized between them, a happy grin glowing on his face.

Kenji1.jpg Kenji: Ladies, rather than fight, why don't you come upstairs with me and we can work through your differences in a much more peaceful, intimate way?

Nina-7.jpg Nina: Kenji, you just won't give up, will you?

Nina stepped out of his arm and looked at him and Marley unhappily.

Untitled-1.jpg Marley: Hahahaha, Kenji, you've ragged on my lack of tits so much it's crazy to think that you've got a shot at what's between my legs!

Marley was all smiles once again as she slapped Kenji away playfully.

Untitled-1.jpg Marley: And you guys, thanks for coming, do try to enjoy yourselves before your early departure. *walks away laughing with Kenji*

Kari-5.jpg Kari: Early departure? God, how does everyone in this school know everything?

Ayumi-2_zpsefaa1c12.jpg Ayumi: *under her breath* Except for us, we still have no idea what's gonna happen tonight.

Momo-6.jpg Momo: Maybe is now... *anxiously, points towards the front of the house* Look!

There was a commotion coming from that direction, and they all paused to check it out. Tsukino was angrily pushing her way through the crowd. Oddly, however, was the nonchalant manner by which they seemed to be simply accepting it. Her rude shoving did not appear to ruffle any feathers or interrupt any drunk conversations. She spotted Nina and The Six and beelined straight towards them, taking care to make sure she filled Momo's vision. Momo blinked in confusion and stepped backwards to keep the angry cheer girl out of arm's reach.

Tsukino-2.jpg Tsukino: *angrily* What the hell, [expletive]?! Where do you get off telling everyone that I've got STDs? You sure as hell don't know, you've never even made a pass at me, let alone seen me naked!

Momo-6.jpg Momo: What? I don't know what you say, I only said to Nina and Ayumi.

Momo took on a look of feigned confusion. Tsukino did not scare her after her encounter with Chrystal.

Tsukino-2.jpg Tsukino: Nobody's talking to me, and you're the reason why!

Momo-6.jpg Momo: You are too stupid. The students are not caring for that I said. You did something to get this not talking to you thing, not me.

Tsukino-2.jpg Tsukino: I know it was you, you bi-

Kari-5.jpg Kari: No one's talking to you?

Tsukino-2.jpg Tsukino: Huh? No one, that's ri-

Kari-5.jpg Kari: Then we aren't, either. You want to know why, go ask Marley, she's right there in the backyard.

Tsukino-2.jpg Tsukino: What? [expletive] Marley! I-

Ayumi-2_zpsefaa1c12.jpg Ayumi: *very coldly* Tsukino, you'll get nothing more from us. We are not your friends, we don't owe you anything, and you are not intimidating at all.”

Tsukino-2.jpg Tsukino: Argh! Everyone here is such a [expletive] [expletive] tonight! *storms off through the crowd*

Ayumi-2_zpsefaa1c12.jpg Ayumi: You know, she's probably the reason this party is this big. You really should probably let the Marley thing go, Nina...

Nina-7.jpg Nina: Yeah, you're probably right. We can probably go now-

Nina was at once relieved that she was most likely off the hook and embarrassed for being so suspicious and worried in the first place.

Tory-3.jpg Tory: HEY!

Tory's loud voice drew the attention of everyone in the room, and what a sight it was...

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There certainly is some, for sure. Thank you, Schulmanator, for continuing to come back to support this silly story city journal. I hope it there was a feeling of entertainment involved as opposed to doing homework! Either way, we only have the next issue and the denouement, and now I'm not so sure about the Special Features issue, and The Sensational Six can fall away into the recesses of the City Journals section. I enjoyed writing them and choosing the actors and actresses and it was a fun experience to put this whole thing out there. Anyways, thanks again for your support!

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