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The Sensational Six #149

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Mt. Plains High School, home of the Foresters...

Chrystal.jpg Chrystal: Why would Tory ask you to prom but not me?

Chrystal had stormed up to Nina and kari and Ayumi at Nina's locker to hover over them like a stormcloud the following morning before school.

Nina-7.jpg Nina: *sighs* You got me, Chrystal, why would he?

Chrystal.jpg Chrystal: Pff, I don't know. Why do you think I asked you?

Nina-7.jpg Nina: I have no idea. You should ask him like, directly if you're so concerned about it.

Nina tried to hide the anxiety she felt with Chrystal towering over her, but even with her friends standing next to her the Amazon girl made her nervous.

Chrystal.jpg Chrystal: *agitated* I can't find him. That's why I cornered your gimpy ass. You're too slow to escape.

Kari-5.jpg Kari: Gimpy? Geez, Chrystal, you can't even like, pretend to be nice?

Kari stepped up beside Nina.

Nina-7.jpg Nina: Relax, Kari, let's not escalate this.

Chrystal.jpg Chrystal: Escalation with you bunch of has-beens? Whatever. Just be straight with me and I'll go.

Nina-7.jpg Nina: You're better off finding him, because I have like, no idea. It's interesting to me though, that you thought I would like, be cooperative even if I knew something.

Chrystal.jpg Chrystal: I'd beat the cooperation outta you.

Chrystal gave Nina a hard stare, then began walking away.

Chrystal.jpg Chrystal: See you, Nina.

Nina glanced at Kari and Ayumi. All three of them had similarly confused, concerned looks on their faces. Even together, they had no desire to tangle with Chrystal.

Nina-7.jpg Nina: *low voice* Do you like, think Marley knows what she's doing?

Kari-5.jpg Kari: She didn't just involve you, she involved like, all of us. I wish she'd've given you like, more of a hint about what she's up to than you not being like, the focus of her plot...

Ayumi-2_zpsefaa1c12.jpg Ayumi: *characteristically detatched* Chrystal thinks she's the toughest, strongest girl in the school. But she's not the most dangerous. Marley is, and it's not even close. She's not even a part of any teams or clubs and is dating the most popular guy-

Nina-7.jpg Nina: Was dating apparently.

Ayumi-2_zpsefaa1c12.jpg Ayumi: Right, but even so, she's in-crowd by the force of her personality and her mind. You remember what she almost did to you and Marv, and even though she didn't achieve her main goal, she still won.

Nina-7.jpg Nina: She is absolutely up to something...


Momo didn't like Chrystal much at all. To her, Chrystal was big, noisy, and (worst of all) ugly. The exchange student had no idea how someone so repulsive could possible be a part of what she had learned was called the in-crowd. But worst of all was how mean she was to her friends (which really colored her impression of the big girl). She recalled the previous fall when the volleyball team was thrown into turmoil because of Chrystal and she fought with Erisa, then in the wintertime when she threatened Nina. This morning when Chrystal made her appearance at Nina's locker and tried to bully her friend again (along with Ayumi and Kari) only served to deepen the disgust and anger she felt towards the girl. Her heart thus hardened, she resolved to do something about it when Chrystal walked into class. Before the Amazon woman and her loud, obnoxious laugh could sit down, Momo was right there at her desk, smiling sweetly at her.

Chrystal.jpg Chrystal: *suddenly serious* Who're you? What do you want?

Momo-6.jpg Momo: *sweetly* Why do you want to start the fight with Nina? She is my friend, same is Erisa.

Chrystal.jpg Chrystal: *dismissively* Those two [homophobic slur]? Mongrel and her stumpy [expletive] can go [expletive] themselves for all I care. *waves Momo away* Now get lost, before-”

Momo-6.jpg Momo: *mocking gasp* But you are so ugly and fat! It is amazing that the so ugly and fat girl can be like this to the cute and nice girls! Maybe you are... jealous? Mm, yes, jealous.

Chrystal.jpg Chrystal: I don't know who the hell you are, but-

Momo thrust her cartoon-character chest at Chrystal.

Momo-6.jpg Momo: I'm cute, too, and I'm having the amazing oppai. Do you say you are so jealous of me, too?

Chrystal.jpg Chrystal: You can't even speak English! Why would I be jealous of you?!

Momo-6.jpg Momo: You are stupid, too, I know my English score is more high than yours.

She and Chrystal were focused on each other, oblivious to the attention they were gathering.

Chrystal.jpg Chrystal: I don't even know who you are, you stupid bimbo! I don't give a [expletive] about what you say!

Untitled-1.jpg Girl Whose Name Momo Can't Remember: She's Momo, and she's right!

A female voice came from the crowd. Momo smiled an evil smile at Chrystal and pressed her advantage.

Momo-6.jpg Momo: You must not say the mean things to my friends!

The energy of the crowd was behind her.

Chrystal.jpg Chrystal: *feeling ineffectual* You better watch your back, Momo!

Untitled-1.jpg Girl Whose Name Momo Can't Remember: Or what, you'll kick all our asses?!

The female voice shouted again, this time drawing cheers.

Momo-6.jpg Momo: You are ugly, fat and stupid, Chrystal.

Momo menaced towards Chrystal, forcing her down into her seat.

Momo-6.jpg Momo: Leave the others alone.

At the faceless schoolgirl's prompt, the class took up a chant of “Ugly! Fat! Stupid!” Chrystal absolutely wilted under the pressure of the chant, slumping in her chair and hiding her face behind her hands. After all the abuse she had dealt out over the years, she never imagined she'd even be on the receiving end, for she had neither the empathy nor the imagination necessary for such an undertaking. And yet, there she was, the bully being bullied.

MrTennyson.jpg Tenyson-Sensei: Hey! Hey! What is going on in here?!

Tenyson-Sensei walked in to break up the chant. He saw them gathered around Chrystal's desk, and Chrystal herself slumping as though she thought she could escape by drawing in upon herself.

MrTennyson.jpg Tenyson-Sensei: Everyone, back to your seats, sit down!

As they quietly and obediently moved to their desks, he tried to get some bearing as to what had happened.

MrTennyson.jpg Tenyson-Sensei: Anyone care to explain? Chrystal? What could you have possibly done to deserve this?

Chrystal let out a sound of disgust as she bolted upright to her feet to glare at Tenyson-Sensei.

Chrystal.jpg Chrystal: How is it that I'm automatically the bad guy?!

She angrily gathered her things and left the room in a flash, leaving her teacher and classmates in stunned silence. Momo was socially aware enough to know that Chrystal's reputation warranted Tenyson-Sensei's reaction. Even so, she felt a bit guilty for crushing the girl so thoroughly. Still, it wasn't so bad. There was that small, cute girl with the short hair sitting near the window who looked profoundly satisfied. Despite knowing she had seen that face before, Momo could not connect it to a name. At any rate, she was glad that not everyone felt bad about what had just happened.

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Schulmanator: I think they make very GOOD fiends myself, but in case there's an R missing, yes, I completely agree!

10000000000000: Heh, I had an internal debate over how to handle this, but I think that this worked out the best!

Only five more issues remaining in my run. Then The Sensational Six is no more. What am I going to do then?? I'm open to suggestions!

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