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MandelSoft Plays SimCity 4 LIVE! Re-runs EP 2, 6 and 8



Lately I've started live streaming on twitch.tv (no regular schedule set, but often I stream at GMT early evenings), to show some of the behind-the-scenes work on Imaginian and more-over, my building style and techniques. During these streams I had a live audience who could give comments and questions while I was building (sometimes with the help of Skype). For those who missed it, here are the previous episodes regarding Imaginia:

Episode 2: Retrofitting Jonkersmond

Episode 6A: Sebeshaber, terraforming for new docks

Episode 6B: Sebeshaber, constructing port facilities

Episode 8: the Farmlands of Norravik




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I mean [quote name='katherman111' timestamp='1350312963']
Oh noes. My microphone makes my headset so high

i mean my voice :P

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[quote name='Schulmanator' timestamp='1350247759']
It's always nice to see how others play the game. How do you record video from the game?
I use FFsplit for that, which sends my video and sound directly to my stream server (so I really can play live). I stream live at [url="http://nl.twitch.tv/mandelsoft"]http://nl.twitch.tv/mandelsoft[/url] when I stream.

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[quote name='Don Bananos' timestamp='1350324251']
What software have you used to add extra tiles to your region?
Loving what i've seen so far!
I used good ol' MS Paint to expand this region. If you add black pixels to the Config.bmp, you can make empty patches. That's why my region is irregularly shaped.

[quote name='lovemax' timestamp='1350331232']
what region is that and can i download it
It's not for download. I personally terraformed it.

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That's what you get when the broadcaster (me) is not having the best internet connection ;)

Remember, this was all streamed live and even then you had like a 5-10 second delay...

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If you listened carefully, I said this was an experimental mod, which is as it stands today, still under development and by far not ready for distribution. It would actually require a NAM Controller update to get this functional for end-users.

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