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Bergstadt teaser and replies




Simul8ter8 : thank you,it really does.

TowerDude : thanks.

TekindusT : thanks.

Simarco :thanks.

MamaLuigi945: tnx.

grstudios : thanks.

petriknl :thank you very much.there are very low taxes in Mitterburg,but that's for another entry.

Daan300 : thanks.

keder : thanks.

westy177 : thank you.

hahei : thanks.

Fox :thanks.

Markus J : i guess so...

MilitantRadical : thank you very much,glad you like it.

Robert-the-Toaster : thank you.

Jeroentje : thanks.

flatron thanks,glad you like it.

Mithrik : thanks.

7891122562059523 : thank you.

Helsinki 2 : tnx, cities xl doesn't even come close to sc4.

Adooxx : thanks.

Russkoll : thanks.

nanana10 : thanks.

Blakeway : thanks.

_marsh_ : thanks.

Etissan : tnx, houses are from LEX : http://sc4devotion.c....php?lotGET=843

Kruness: tnx.

gman28 : tnx,maybe one day.

ArthurBaz : thank you very much.

Mikeaut1 : tnx.

Paulobergonci: tnx.

zimmie : tnx.

Bluthlucidity : thank you very much.

DuFerraz: tnx.

Alfredo18 : tnx.

Mastof : thanks.

Markus J : tnx.

scissors : thanks.

AcaCZV : thanks.

KoharuEspejo : thanks.

Kruness : thank you very much,glad you like it.

Oohforf : thank you.

TylerWilkins: tnx.

woodnava : tnx.

burnzie_16 :tnx,you are free to move there.

Benedict : once again thank you very much!!

nedal2001: tnx.

Mithrik . tnx, Mitterburg is also my favorite!

xmb : just keep trying and you will get there.

Glandrex : i use and .

aparrot7 : thank you.

Evillions . tnx.

Mastof: tnx.

MilitantRadical : thanks.

grstudios : thanks.

Danny Muscat : thanks.

SimCoug: thank you.and yes he does.

Blakeway : thanks.

And for the end a teser for the town of Bergstadt:


Hope you like it!


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I love the fact that even you don't diversify your MMPs and BATs, every post of yours seem so original and real! :)
You are truly making your towns alive... Hoping for the full post soon! ;)

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[quote name='Mithrik' timestamp='1348696676']


gotsta second that statement here...


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