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Update 26: The Return

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Hello, today I bring to you my capital, again, and just to show some work i've done on it including...

King's Royal Racecourse- a horse racing track in East City

Lexset Shooting Range- a firearms range near the Lexset Neighborhood

Lexset National Cemetery- the National Cemetery (ie. Arlington Natl.) near Lexset

National Art Gallery- the National Art Gallery in International Park

Angelorium Factory- Carne- Carne's Angelorium Factory between Lexset and East City.

Downtown Expressway/Downtown Tunnel- A road going from Central Park in Downtown to the Airport in North City.

Expanded the Skyline


The Downtown Expressway Starts here, at mile marker 0


and continues northward, coming back to the surface at mile marker 2.3. The Expressway was built in the late 1990's and immediatly encountered a major problem, they wanted to have a direct route from downtown to the far north of the city, however there were too many on-ground buildings to build an on ground road, so the best solution, was to go underground.


Nearby to the Expressway, National Art Gallery was built in 1936 at the start of the Aquilonian Impressionist Era, by Sir Lincoln Kincaid. It was expanded in the late 1960's to it's current state and the underground Parking was added.



Over in the southern part of Lexset is the King's Royal Racecourse, home of the Angels Stakes, the largest Horse Race in the country, far ahead of the Springs Stakes and the Gatliff Stakes.


In 1955, Carne built the Angelorium Factory, which currently builds upwards of 1 million cars annually.


Started in 1915, Lexset National Cemetery is the place where all PM's, many Senators, and many fallen soldiers are buried. We shall remember the fallen.

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