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BTT (CJ section): 1 March 2012

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Hi, elavery. Well done this week.

Hi, Skimbo. Your pattern broke this week.

Hi, 111222333444. You know, you people who change the name of your CJs make it hard for my staff here at BTT :) .

Hi, hahei. Last week had some amazing CJs in the top ten.

Hi, TekindusT. And unfortunately "Stuff" dropped out this week.

Hi, 1000000000000. And back in the Top Ten this week.

Hi, NMUSpidey. I would expect nothing less from last year's #2 CJ.


Ben's Top Ten

We have a brand new number one. After a slow and steady climb, Zouérat Islamic Federation hits number one! There are four re-entries: Journey through Paengia at 5, Republic of Baldur at 6, Santa Malin at 8 and Okaiken at 10. Atlantsia is a new entry at 9.

As always, thanks for everyone's support - BTT CJ section passed 25k views this week!

Happy CJing until next week!


Ben's +10

Grand, Beluterra and Malo by emperordaniel

Cardinalsburgate Principality by ggamgus

The Sultanate of Kalu Sabah by Sky Guy

Novaya Tulsk by folokashi

Okatabawashi by TowerDude

Onubis Federation by evillions

City Journaling around Adonia by USNW

Kingdom of Oranus by Fox

Hong Kong 2.0 by TowerDude

Paridise Island by nathanthemayor

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Yayyy, Numba 9, :D , Huge congratulations to elavery, he deserves it for sure.
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[quote]Hi, Skimbo. Your pattern broke this week.[/quote]

Nooooooo! xD

Well, 3rd place for no update this week is great!

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xDxDxD LOL It was, I just found out myself... have to update wiki, deal with lots of admins, LOL

I'll stick with that name from now on D: :P

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Yay for everyone! Have I peaked at #7? I don't think I've gotten higher than that before. Great cjs in the list, as always!

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