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Mori Tower

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It has been some time since my last update for this city journal, but The Sensational Six has now visited this particular neighborhood, so it is time to show a bit of it.


Mori Tower is one of the smaller neighborhoods in Port Matthew. It is home to a cruise ship port, offering (among other things) quaint three hour tours of the surrounding waters.


This makes Mori Tower (foreground) and Mori Pier the focal points of the neighborhood. Mori Tower is a massive complex, hosting offices, art galleries, upscale dining and bars, shopping, and other attractions, and there are some 10,000 jobs involved in running the whole operation. It is almost a city within a city, the Inception of buildings, perhaps.


The waterfront next to Mori Tower. Mori Waterfront subway station is there, as well as...


...doubles. There are a few buildings I really don't mind popping up in sets, and those blue/gray apartment towers (not the glass ones, but those are okay, too) are one of type I won't destroy. I just think they look cool, but I don't blame you if you hate doubles in any shape, size, or form.


Green Tower is just about as far north as you can get without entering wealthy Kardon. Green Tower thus serves as the opposite anchor to Mori Tower. Green Tower hosts mostly workers: engineers and businesspeople working in the environmental technology field. They have helped Titus Industries and the Defenders out with many tech problems as they work to make PM as clean and erosion-proof as possible.


Heading back towards Mori Tower, we can see some added park area (named Mayor's Park due to the Mayoral Estate nearby) that I keep trying to add to break up the concrete every time I load up PM.


Mori Auditorium, a place popular for symphonies and operas and kabuki. The occasional lecture rolls through here, as well. It is surrounded by offices and apartments and there is a large shopping mall up the street a bit.


And back near Mori Tower and the highway we have this collection of buildings. I think it is a different angle of the above picture.


Mori Tower is from one of the fabulous Japanese BATers, I can't remember which one right now. It is stunning. I wanted to have a shot of it in zoom 4, but it doesn't fit, so we're stuck with this in zoom 3.


The Pier at night. It is popular amongst couples, in fact, and has shops and restaurants for those who won't pay the prices necessary at Mori Tower.


Green Tower at night. It's not green anymore. I think green nightlights might look cool. Oh well.


The Mayoral Estate is tucked away in this picture. Can you find it?


Near Mori Tower. It is a fairly nice neighborhood. I saw better nightlighting for the Auditorium in a different city journal. Or perhaps I just have a faulty memory. Whatever!


And the overview at night. You can kind of tell its relation to East Bank in this picture, with the All Seeing Eye as the northern anchor of that large neighborhood.

I hope you enjoyed this look at one of PM's smaller neighborhoods! It sure likes you!

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Very nice! I always love a good night shot.

I spy a couple buildings in there I need to go hunting for. In your 6th pic, what is the long brown building across the avenue from the marrast rail station at the top of the shot?

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This is really cool bud! I love the Ferris Wheel in the last picture!! :thumb: It's funny, because it took me like 9 minutes to find the mayoral estate in that one picture! It is disguised rather nicely ;)

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TowerDude; So do I, Dude!

blunder: I know it's a bit late, but it's Aseby Management, I think I got it from SC4D, but it might be on the STEX, too.

Evillions: Oh, totally, I agree. My problem is time: I lack it and don't have enough for proper maintenance and detailing. I try to keep it at a minimum, but... Well, you see what happens...

Schulmanator: :D

escilnavia: Thank you! I think that, even with the hideous repetition, this neighborhood turned out pretty well.

10000000000000: Me too! Nine minutes?! I hate to think I wasted so much of your time!

Efkin: Seriously. I use the NAM, my theory is that with the increased capacity, the game graphicalizes (totally not a word, but whatever) by extended the trains to ridiculous lengths. I try not to take pictures of them, but sometimes it simply cannot be helped.

emperordaniel: Thank you!

EDIT: Thank you to everyone who takes the time to view my city journal! I can't believe I forgot to add this part!

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