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BTT (CJ section): 23 February 2012

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Hi, kakado_to_save. Great to see your CJ doing so well each week.

Hi, blunder. Your prediction came true this week - a small drop for you. And TekindusT's "Stuff" is climbing...

Hi, ggamgus. Good work last week.

Hi, NMUSpidey. Thanks for your support last week.

Hi, escilnavia. Outstanding work last week, I'm hoping to see the next update soon.

Hi, 111222333444. TekindusT's "Stuff" is once again available for your LOL pleasure.

Hi, elavery. Good work the last few weeks.


Ben's Top Ten

Dragon islands Cities does it again, re-entering at number one! There's another re-entry at 5 for another former number one - The Sultanate of Salu Kabah. We have two new CJs this week: Novaya Tulsk in at 3, and Stuff I think I have to show, but don't know where to post at 10.

Happy CJing until next week!


Ben's +10

Hong Kong 2.0 by TowerDude

Republic of Baldur by LastTrueChamp

Santa Malin by sucram17

Journey through Paengia by paeng

Sultanate of Sotoa V.2 by escilnavia

Hiroshima Region by art128

Selbring County by Huston

Atlantsia by 1000000000000

Cardinalsburgate Principality by ggamgus

Windemere by sim_link

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