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Day N' Nite (Longhu 2.0)





@111222333444; ggamgus; TekindusT; 100000000000; evanm1487; Gugu3; sucram17; KHRYSTOF; testuser1234; Simbougerois; Folokashi; HarryFlown: Thankya all very much for your great comments, guys! :D

@NMU Spidey: uuuuhm. It's definitiveley from a japaneese site, I think it was Hide&seek.

@jowert20: Great! I hope U like it!

@Benedict: As always: great news :D

@Drago in U82: 3rd pic, bottom right.

Don't worry because of the bad frequency of my updates. I still love playing SC4 and updating DI but I got many other projects running as well, a busy RL job and so on.....

U83:Day N' Nite (Longhu 2.0)

Heya and welcome to the eightythird update of my CJ Dragon Islands....

Today I will show you two mosaiques out if the WIP 2.0 version of my city Lònghú. I rebuildt it because the old version of the city just looked creepy compared to it's neighbouring cities which where buildt months later.

The first mosaique shows the citie's highrise district to it's west at night, the second mosaique gives you a quick impression of the downtown area and it's beach before stretching to the western highrise district again. Both of them are avaiable in full res. too, just click the link below.













I hope you've liked this update, greetings, DragonSkimbo.

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Another spectacular-looking update! And the diagonal HSR tracks laid amongst the skyscrapers.... Great.

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The first pic looks like it is a still photo from a sci-fi or Batman film - epic.

And congratulations - this update has you back on top of Ben's Top Ten!

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-Reaction to the first part-WhOA!
-Reaction to the second part-Unbelievable!!!! :O

Dude, that's pretty ridiculous!! :thumb:

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:O So perfectly ... the buildings, the beach, nature ... his diary is certainly one of the best.
Now, how did those boats?

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It's been said before, and it's been said again, but someone could replace a Van Gogh with this in a busy gallery (perfectly legally, of course!) and no one would notice. [img]http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/44.gif[/img]

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:D very nice i like all your city journals :D if u dont mind isit possible for u to upload your city save files?

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What's the Huge Building (that deserves capitalization) with the green helipad in the center?

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[quote name='Zirbs' timestamp='1330037341']
What's the Huge Building (that deserves capitalization) with the green helipad in the center?

That's the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower in Tokyo. I didn't know it was in BAT form, Skimbo where did you find it?

As for your city the density is incredible, and the execution is beautifully realistic. Are you thinking about developing the waterfront? A city like that would have property values too high to not build out along the coast. Maybe a string of parks, museums, and overpriced cafes? lol

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Thank you! With the name, I was able to find the source: just click the picture.


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