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Update 51: The Growth of the Suburbs.

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Update Synopsis:

As Taschereau expands both up in Southlands, it also has a growing suburban area. Today we are going to look at a never seen town called Cashew. It has a population of about 15 000 right now, but continues to grow. Residents have easy access to neighbouring cities thanks to the rail network, and also have the opportunity to work in the town as well. So let's go have a look at one of the newest towns to crop up in the growing region!


51.1| We start if by looking at the main road through Cashew, In the middle of the road runs a rail line which services the town and beyond. We are looking south, and are just to the east of the highway. Lowe's operates a large store in this area.


51.2 | Towards the edge of town the main throughfare reaches a roundabout and ends. The rail line continues. To continue going east (up) residents must take the road that leads to the right edge of the photo. Note the building at the bottom (in the middle) - that is town hall.


51.3 | Here we see Cashew Commons. Anchored by Shoppers Food Warehouse and WallK's Bullseye, this is the main shopping centre in the town. Several other shops operate in the plaza as well.


51.4| Just past the plaza we reach this intersection. It is one of the busiest intersections in Cashew. Several office buildings have set up here providing jobs for a growing population.


51.5 | Here is that same intersection at a different angle.


51.6 | Many residents move to Cashew for the abundant parks and quiet lifestyle.


51.7 | Easy access to modern public transportation is also a plus. This line connects residents to Carleton.


51.8 | Retailers are very fond of this area thanks to low taxes. This is the only Kmart in all of Taschereau (and Windemere, for that matter.) Although not frequented as often as other retailers, it has performed well.


51.9 | Bordering the highway and main throughfare lies the Cashew Industrial Corridor. It is home to warehouses for WallyK's, TSC Stores and Costco. Several other tenants occupy the site, including several manufacturers.


50.10 | Ask any resident what one great thing about Cashew is and several responses come up. One of the conveniences is the 24/7/365 public transit. The late night trains are good for residents who spend late nights at work making sure their presentations will go off without a hitch.


As always, I hope you've enjoyed this update and are looking forward to more! Comments and replies are always welcome.

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This looks great! Outstanding work! I really enjoyed the devolopment near the intersection in the 5th picture. :yes:

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Beautiful presentation of Cashew (Nut?)! [img]http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/3.gif[/img]

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[font="Book Antiqua"][center]

Thanks, I was extremely happy with how that intersection turned out! :)

Thank You! :)

Thanks, they are some of my favourite from all of the entries I've published so far. :blush:

Yep, it is indeed named after the nut. Like Cranborough being named after cranberries. I occasionally name my cities after food. :D

Thanks, hope to continue to see you around!


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