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Biking in the Deschutes Republic

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Retep Molinari



Replies from "K-12 Education in Deschutes"

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As the urban centers in Deschites continued to grow, transportation because a real problem. Even with the advent of the DART system, the streets were becoming very congested.

Many people, about 2.7% of commuters, began biking. But without proper infrastructure, is was a disorderly and somewhat dangerous mode of transit.

Bikers navigate a busy intersection.


In 1992, the government decided to invest heavily in biking infrastructure. This project was, surprisingly, undertook with the same dedication as any other transit infrastructure improvement.

The easiest improvements came in cities that were still growing and still developing their systems. One such City, Langley (just south of Deschutes City) is such a place. Here, bike paths, which double as parks, were built into the transit network.

A dedicated bike path, with its own street crossing, leads to a SkyDART station.


This path follows along the riverfront.


Bikers on a roadside path.


A path leading to the industrial sector.


In Deschutes City, incorporating bike paths proved far more difficult. In some cases, old rail right of ways no loner in use were converted into bike paths. In other cases, parks were redesigned to include bike paths. When no other option allowed, traffic lanes were converted into bike lanes.

Multiple spurs of an industrial rail line were removed and replaced with several bike paths.


Parks were converted into pike paths near the City's ballpark.


A bike lane in a medium-density neighborhood of Deschutes City.


Biking was also encouraged in smaller towns throughout Deschutes. In Sarah Lake, bikes are a popular way to get around the historic waterfront.

The bike path snakes behind several historic buildings.


Olympia could stand to water the grass a bit more, but they have an effective bike route nonetheless.



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nice! I was thinking about the bikepaths and I think you could have a good use of these SFBT paths http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/17424-sfbt-park-set-high-wealth-by-arkenbergejoe/ they can go diagonal. Lookin forward to see some more updates.

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Hey there. This looks really really cool. Its great to see a city promote health this way. Biking is a wonderful recreational activity!

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