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BTT (CJ section): 16 February 2012

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Hi, TekindusT. I agree - there is some amazing work right now. And good to see your Stuff climb a little this week.

Hi, blunder. You're holding steady this week.

Hi, escilnavia. If you were surprised last week, I wonder how you'll feel this week?

Hi, 111222333444. I love Skimbo's trains, too!

Hi, Huston. Always great to see your work.

Hi, kakado_to_save. You're down a little this week.

Hi, Blakeway. Thank you.


Ben's Top Ten

Congratulations to Sultanate of Sotoa V.2 which enters BTT at number one in its first week! There's a new entry at 4 for Zouérat Islamic Federation. Welcome back to Hong Kong 2.0 at 5, Cardinalsburgate Principality at 6, and Port Matthew's The Sensational Six at 10.

Happy CJing until next week!


Ben's +10

Santa Malin by sucram17

Okatabawashi by 9988

Paridise Island by nathanthemayor

Windemere by sim_link

Stuff by TekindusT

Dragon Islands Cities by Skimbo

Onubis Federation by Evillions

Hiroshima Region by Art128

Republikken Sjøland by TowerDude

Hijaran United Confederacy by Hiigarar

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Wow 3 weeks in a row in the top 5....no possible way this keeps up.

I like that Tekindus' CJ has been truncated to "Stuff", so simple and ambiguous, it's the perfect title as it fits everything. One of these days I want to see the top of this chart read:

Week Ending ## xxxxx ####
1. STUFF by TekindusT :thumb:


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Yay! Number 6!

Glad to be back in the top ten. Also glad to have 100 thousand+ views. :D

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