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The Sensational Six #69

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Continuing our interesting day at Mt. Plains HS...

Kellen.jpgKellen: I was only tryin' to help her..

Kellen had his head propped up on his hands and his three friends sat next to him trying to calm him down.

Beau-1.jpgBeau: Why, Kellen? How could she be so insensitive to you?

Cassie.jpgCassie: *sighs* I told you, Kellen. She's above our station in this school. You don't wanna date someone who's gonna look down on you the whole time, you know?

Freddie-1.jpgFreddie: I don't think it's that.... Did you know what happened to her over the summer?

Beau-1.jpgBeau: *snaps* Yeah, we heard about the accident. She's fine, she doesn't have any lasting injuries, her face is still great, and her body's still slammin'.

Freddie-1.jpgFreddie: Yeah, and you forgot about her boyfriend dying in the same accident, moron. I heard some girls talking this morning, she really loved that guy, I guess it hit her pretty hard. She went to the funeral and everything. I heard she still has nightmares every night. Dude, Kellen, she's damaged goods man.

Kellen.jpgKellen: It doesn't matter, I can help her. I can fix it, I just know it. I just felt like we really connected somehow. I kept runnin' into her, I thought it was fate.

Cassie.jpgCassie: Well, it takes more than fate to bring two people together. There are plenty of girls in school, Kellen. Just forget about her, you're too good for her anyways. She's too stuck on herself.

Beau-1.jpgBeau: *disdainfully* Yeah, girls like her think their [expletive] don't stink, they think that they should get special treatment from everyone they meet. Dude, she'd've used you and thrown you away after it was all said and done.

Kellen.jpgKellen: I don't think she's like that. She was always so nice to me when I saw her. She said she would text me someday...

Cassie.jpgCassie: Well, I guess it's a good time for you to move on. It's alright though, we're your friends, so we'll be with you while you work this out of your system. We can help you move on.

Kellen risked a glance across the lunchroom at Nina. She was eating her bento with her chopsticks in her right hand as she read a book she held in her left hand. No one sat at her table with her, and she ignored everyone milling about the cafeteria around her. He sighed and looked back down at his food. He didn't feel very hungry and wondered why the fates would play such a cruel trick on him.

Cassie.jpgCassie: Well, you know Kellen, I heard Shauna likes you...


Nina-4.jpgNina: I'm telling you, that's exactly what happened. I only wish Momo was here to hear it all now so I don't have to repeat the whole darn thing.

Erisa-4.jpgErisa: *amazed* I cannot believe Tory -TORY- of all people would step up to the plate like that.

Nina-4.jpgNina: You're telling me? I mean, he assaulted the both of us. I guess this is just some kinda sick way he's-

Nina's voice cut off as she watched someone new walk into the classroom. Marley scanned the classroom, locked eyes with Nina, and stopped in her tracks. Nina and her friends were gathered in the front corner of the classroom, far away from the door near the teacher's desk. Marley usually sat as close to the windows as she could, but if they were all over there... Sitting near them would be too tempting to cause trouble, and after getting a black eye last summer she was very apprehensive about that prospect, no matter how brave a face she put on in front of Tory.

She was pushed from behind as some other students tried to enter the class, and at a look from the elven-featured girl, apologized and walked around her, giving her plenty of room. They all knew who she was and who she dated. Everybody knew you don't mess too much with the in-crowd. She sat against the wall near the door and kept her gaze away from Nina and her friends. Silence settled upon the room and everyone took their seats as class started...


Nina-4.jpgNina: Wow, what a day.

Nina sighed as they waited in front of her locker for Momo to join them.

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: No [expletive] [expletive]. You just lead the most interesting life, Nina.

Erisa-4.jpgErisa: Yeah, and you're draggin' us all through it, aren't you? I'm kinda happy about it, because otherwise I'd have to listen to Dan-O go on and on and on about whatever something something, you know?

Taro-4.jpgTaro: Yeah seriously, I mean after so long, even Dan-O's jokes can get a bit stale. But with you? Never a dull moment!

Nina-4.jpgNina: *sarcastically* Aw, thanks you guys, I'm so glad to have such kind and supportive friends to help me through all the bad times. It's awfully nice of you.

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: Hey, no problemo, babe. *suddenly* Oh, hey Momo!

Momo came bouncing up to them. It was clear that she was excited to be back in school again. Unlike a lot of students, she seemed to completely enjoy her time as a student.

Momo-4.jpgMomo: Nina, are you okay? I heard about the lunch!

Nina-4.jpgNina: Wow, you did? Who told you? God, I forgot how everyone knows everything that happens in school...

Momo-4.jpgMomo: Oh, my friend told me in my history class. They have the lunch with Nina, ano~, not WITH Nina, but the same time with Nina. I'm sorry that you had like that time.

Nina-4.jpgNina: Ah, it's okay Momo, I guess you know how Tory came over and, um, rescued me.

Momo-4.jpgMomo: Yes, is so strange. I thought Tory was maybe not nice guy.

Erisa-4.jpgErisa: *grumbles* That's a lot nicer than how I would say it.

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: Heh, yeah. Anyways, we doin' some studying?

He was inwardly pleased that Momo was up to date on the gossip and they could do something that was more interesting to him.

Nina-4.jpgNina: Well, I wanna go by Marv's shop and get some supplies for this year. I think we should all go get our stuff there.

Momo-4.jpgMomo: Yes, I will work from tonight, so I must go there from now anyways. They will be so happy to see us again.

They agreed, and after driving to Dan-O's house, piled into Nina's car and made their way to the stationery shop. Marv's family was indeed thrilled to have them all drop by the store. They talked about how their classes seemed, his parents helped them find the proper supplies, and they spent nearly an hour an a half catching up with them. It appeared to Nina that they were adjusting reasonably well, and from what Momo said, it seemed like they were relying on her less and less. She seemed to think that they were trying to get pregnant again, but didn't have anything to back up her hunch.

At any rate, it seemed like an interesting senior year was shaping up...

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emperordaniel: You just might... I have to admit some ignorance on this: I haven't seen a lot of the new comedies that come out in the US the last few years so stuff like Superbad or The Hangover, I still have not seen...

10000000000000: She's popping up again soon!

Schulmanator: Your hunch will probably be proven correct, although the story that happens in the spring is a bit more than just "interesting"! ;)

ggamgus: Yeah... But, it's Kellen...

111222333444: Spider-sense, tingling!

joedavis: Thank you very much!

escilnavia: Haha, thank you, and good luck! I know everyone has their schedules to deal with, so there's no test on Friday over what happened this week on TSS ;) .

And now, let's continue with "Step into the Fall!"
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