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A Hello from the Mayor of Luxengia

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5 Million Dollars? Do you care   2 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you think that Maxix's Decision to grant the City 5 Million is wise and legit?

    • Absolutely! I couldn't think of a better amount.
    • Absolutely NOT! Maxix is out of his mind-he should only have given 500,000!
    • I don't think it was enough Money-to form a Metropolis you need more.
    • I think it was a little too much-but 500,000 is not enough.
    • Other (Please specify via Comment)
  2. 2. Are you going to read the next update from this City Journal?

    • Can't wait-I already subscribed with RRS
    • I might, but I don't find it urgent.
    • Not really, but if I stumble across it I will read it.
    • Never again. I hate this Journal (Please tell me what is wrong with it via Comment)

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Hello, the name's Nibbles, Cuthbert Nibbles.

I am the new Mayor for the town of Luxengia. I will frequently be reporting updates on the progress of our new city.

First a little history. A while back, Maximus's Demographers determined that our city had too many inhabitants, and although we were a very wealthy and well-to-do city, we had run out of room, and needed to expand. Mayor Maxix sent us to develop a new city, into a new and un-populated chunk of land so that we could continue our development. After we finish the tera-forming we will start development.

It turns out that a former city existed on this particular section of land. A medium sized city with a population of 100,000 inhabitants. The entire civilization disappeared with no warning what so ever*-let's hope the same doesn't happen to us.

In the future, I will be consulting you for advice, for both your experience and opinions, so please feel free to contribute, and don't feel upset if your idea isn't used-all advice and opinions will be taken into consideration, providing they are posted before the decision is made.

This city is hopefully going to become a full-on sprawling metropolis, so you won't see the development stopping at 100, 200 or 300 thousand people, I will continue to grow until I run out of room or go bankrupt.

Since this City will be a 'SubCity' from the Main City of Maximus, we will be starting with a grant of 5 Million dollars. Please don't squawk about this on the Forum, as Maxix himself insisted that I take the grant.

Hope you enjoy the Journal!

*For those of you who weren't reading in between the lines there, my game file corrupted and I had to delete the city because the game crashed every time I tried to load. It was really sad.

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