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BTT (CJ section): 2 February 2012

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Hi, blunder. Well, your confidence was a week early... welcome back to the top ten.

Hi, 9988. One of only 4 CJs to stay in the top ten is yours.

Hi, simsamerica. Sorry, not this week.

Hi, GreekMan. Yes, new blood is good. I am sure we'll be seeing you here from time to time.

Hi, 111222333444. Back in again for you!

Hi, Skimbo. Great to see you on top last week.

Hi, emperordaniel. The former number ones got thinned out this week.

Hi, Andrey km. My own work has never entered the top ten either.

Hi, kakado_to_save. You are also one of four CJ authors to hang on in the top ten.


Ben's Top Ten

A wild week for BTT with 5 re-entries, and the highest one is Journey through Paengia, back in at number one. Also returning are Ring of Fire at 4, Onubis Federation at 5, Schulmania at 6, and The Times of Troix at 7. There's a new entry for Windemere at 9.

Happy CJing until next week!


Ben's +10

Okatabawashi by TowerDude

Dragon Islands Cities by Skimbo

Port Matthew's The Sensational Six by NMUSpidey

Santa Malin by sucram17

Hiroshima Region by art128

Republikken Sjøland by TowerDude

Republic of Llithustania by Huston

Paridise Island by nathanthemayor

Tenements & Rust by TekindusT

Dom Pedro by Paulobergonci

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Quite the week! First time in the top ten here in the CJ Section and number one in the CJ forum. It's been busy!

Quite the change here from last week, as well. :)

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