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The Titanic Leaves Port

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Here is the titanic in port it will leave tommorow.


But as most people know, Its madien voayage will be its only voyage. That madien voyage was 100 years ago.

The luxury steamship RMS Titanic met its catastrophic end in the North Atlantic, plunging two miles to the ocean floor after sideswiping an iceberg during its maiden voyage. Rather than the intended Port of New York, a deep-sea grave became the pride of the White Star Line’s final destination in the early hours of April 15, 1912. More than 1,500 people lost their lives in the disaster.

This is a rendition of what it could have looked like form one of the few that survived.


What made many people meet their fate was the lack of lifeboats. No one thought the Titanic could sink, so not enough lifeboats were on board. Other than the ones on board, it took 2 hours after the distress call for another ship, the Carpathia, to arrive. By then many people had dorwned or froze to death.

The Titanic still rests on the ocean floor and has yet to be fully explored.


Other reent devlopments have been made inculding finding the iceburg based off the pictures of one of the survivors


Yes that iceburg still floats around the sea, a haunting reminder of the fateful day


A list of the victims of the Titanic disaster can be found here deepest sympathies go out to all thoose who lost their lives in this disaster.


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