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Evillions - Too Kind, Thanks a lot!

10000000000000 - Thanks so much!

The novels - Thank you, I'm glad you do! :)

evanm - Thanks a lot!

Spursrule14 - Thank you very much!

Benedict - Thank you so much!


An outbreak of a horrible disease reeks havoc in a Eastern Europe and crosses to infect the rest of the world. It arrives in Llithustania when French refugees cross the border illegally and infect those they encounter. It escalates and those who fall victim to the disease die then are resurrected as Zombies (The Walking Dead series). As seen, the only survivor is on the horse, riding around Maine, with zombies chasing him down. Currently on an old Checkpoint. Possibly a new CJ. What happens next?

Thanks for viewing

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Stunning! Very creative. And I am a huge fan of Walking Dead - glad to see another fan.
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Great Photo Editing Huston!This is very creative indeed! :thumb:
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Huston the Picture of the Year trixie is going to that :P Great work, give me more!
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I just finished writing a 10 page essay on zombies :dead: This makes me very happy to see!Outstanding job!

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damn.. whatta good pictures! =) but in east europe..?, is'nt there correct that u bite zombies there not they bite you :D

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Wow, I thought that I would never see one of these on here, but this one is fantastic! (Except for the people who are infected...)

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finally someone made a zombie apocalypse CJ! and with such great detail! WOW,simply WOW! :D

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