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Political Info etc

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@escilnavia Thank you!

@emperordaniel Thanks! And i explained in my comment and the eeshire felines my be related to the cat in your second comment.

@Schulmanator Thanks for letting me do this!

@Will12 Thanks mate

Hello today we are going to reveiw what I've said so far about the inner working of Eeshire so here are the facts:

Name: Eeshire

National anthem: 99 luftballons http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZwhzf8NC4o

National Motto: However far away we will still be one

Government: Monarchy (a.k.a there isn’t a government just a king\queen)

Current Ruler: King Thamas Holt

Official Language: English

Other Language: Eeshire version of English

Urbanisation: 1%

Unoccupied: 67%

Rural: 32%

Currency: Eeshire Pounlar

Drives on: Left

Firstly, I can say that the 99 luftballons as song as a anthem was thought of by a previous King namely King Dervon Holt. King Dervon started the tradition of release 99 ballons on a day when sport is played; this is still done today.

Secondly, the eeshire version of english has a few changes in spelling (like passsenger) and one or two new words.

Thirdly, Poundlar is one of these words and has been since King Ricouis Holt started the usage of money in Eeshire.

Now here is the Holt family logo


(sorry its not the best) It shows the swamp weeds that are common and the pine trees that are also common. The rail leading up to the crown shows that all roads lead to the king.


This is the whole nations flag. Its meaning is a mystery.

Thats all heres a teaser


Thanks for viewing please comment!

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@10000000000 Thanks :thumb:
@Schulmantor Neun Neunzig luftballons :P
@9988 Thanks! I have decided to do a big ending to finsh thing off :yes:

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