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16 - Kosice, Part I

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So, after our visit to the city of Presov, let's continue to the second largest city of Slovakia, the Eastern Metropolis, Kosice. It has more than 200.000 inhabitants, and it is located about 50 kilometers from Presov. The largest cathedral in Slovakia, Dome of Saint Elisabeth is also located there. But first, see the replies, and map of Eastern Slovakia.

Yarahi:Thank you very much!

Escilnavia:Also thanks!

Skyscraper241:These buildings are from STEX ans Sc4Polska(Polish Sc4 site), you can easily get them.


Janslaven:Yeah, that statue is really famous for being very often painted and outfitted.

Spursrule14:Again, thanks!

10000000000000:Yeah, yes, Girafe's trees are probably most awesome ever made.

MamaLuigi945:Again thank you! As said before, Polish houses and buildings from STEX ans Sc4Polska.

Fox:Also thank you!

Simfreak1998Really thanks!

This map shows areas and places shown in last 5 updates.


Outer areas of Kosice are full of family houses, with lots of tenements. Kosice is also known for being Slovak capital of Steel, with huge factories of US Steel Kosice located just near the city.


In the center of Kosice, there are located many historical buildings, Kosice has largest historical downtown in Eastern Slovakia. There is also tram system in Kosice, with Bratislava being only cities with it in Slovakia.


Cathedral of Saint Elisabeth, also with many other famous city sights is located at the Central City square, and are most visited areas in Kosice.


Hospital in Kosice is second largest in Slovakia, as most of Slovak hospitals it was also built in socialist years.



Also, the early elections in Slovakia will be held exactly on my birthday. :D

If you enjoyed this update, don't be afraid of commenting or +1 :ducky: . There will be posting awards at the end.

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Ahhhhh, it's time to relax, and you know what that means, a glass of wine, your favourite easy chair,
and of course this Cj showing on your computer screen. So go on, indulge yourself, that's right, kick off your shoes, put your feet up, lean back and just enjoy the pictures. After all, [b]Slovakia[/b] soothes even the savage beasts. 8)

PS: How did you get those lines next to the streets??
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :D I LOVE THIS, the hospital, elektricky, and Cathedral, KDH and the hospital!!
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Beautiful! Never been to Slovakia, but the Czech was nice when I visited. Maybe I will make it down to Slovakia eventually. You certainly have a knack for Eastern Europe!
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[color="#FF00FF"]Great update... love the use of the tram in road once again, very creative and realistic.

Nice hospital too .. love the style.[/color]

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