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Jennai | Out in the Sticks

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Last time we were in Elloria, we looked at the city centre and the modern urban sprawl that had occurred over the past 50 years. Today, we’ll be looking elsewhere in the town.


As you move out of the suburbs, the forests begin enveloping the town and encroaching on the American-style homes.


Out, east of the fringes, you will find the grand estates of Elloria, including Venmoor Hall. Rising out the forest, this neo-Georgian manor is one of the largest homes in the city and also the most expensive.


Vehicles travelling towards Venmoor Hall have to navigate winding, unpaved tracks that are unlit and unsafe during the night. Farms and fields surround this part of the road, close to the main town.


The road carries on, past the great hall, on to smaller hamlets nearby. In the forests of Jennai, the sharp junction up the house is a welcome sight to any lost visitor. In the hot days of summer the smell from the cattle farm can be less than pleasant, to say the least. At least now, in the autumn, the fresher winds from the Roumeli Strait keep the air clean.


Here is an overview of the Venmoor estate. All the lands you can see here, including the farm, are owned by the aristocratic Venmoor family, who have lived in this forest for centuries. You can also see where the gravel track to Elloria itself ends, and joins the sandy track to the manor house and beyond.


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Good stuff here ! I particularly like the winding country roads. I perfect escape for Sims wanting to get away from the crowds in the city.
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Wow that looks great Thomas :) I loved the first picture and the trails at the bottom few, it looks awesome
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Beware the troll! Someone rated this down for no reason (it has happened to me also) but I just gave you 5 stars! :D
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5 stars for you, amazing work.

One question: where did you get those rocks that you´ve used to make that very nice country road in the 4th pic?
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