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The Sensational Six #32

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At Ribbie's later that day...

Marv-2.jpgMarv: So guys, this is Momoka. *motions to the new exchange student sitting next to Nina in the booth* Momoka, this is Erisa, Dan-O, Taro, and Kari.

Momo-2.jpgMomoka: *sweetly* Nice to meet you.

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: *suavely takes her hand and kissses the back of it as he looks deep into her eyes8 Nice to meet you too.

Momo-2.jpgMomoka: *shy giggle*

Marv-2.jpgNina-2.jpgErisa-2.jpgKari-2.jpgTaro-2.jpg *rolls eyes*

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: He does this seemingly every time he meets a girl. He didn't do that when he met me, though... Of course, we were like 8 years old...

Momo-2.jpgMomoka: *looks around the restaurant* Wow, so you come here, ah, all the time?

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: Yeah, this place is great, we come here all the time. Marv can get us a discount, and the owners are really nice.

Momo-2.jpgMomoka: *laughs, nods*

Kari-2.jpgKari: The food is delicious. What do you like to eat?

Momo-2.jpgMomoka: I like, uh... *thinks for a few seconds* ハンバーガ. Yes, ハンバーガ is very good.

Nina-2.jpgNina: *harshly* Hamburger.

Marv-2.jpgErisa-2.jpgKari-2.jpgTaro-2.jpg *uneasy looks*

Marv-2.jpgMarv: Uh oh.

Momo-2.jpgMomoka: *smiling sweetly* Yes, I said. This girl is crazy... I can eat, uh, Hah-mbarger here?

Kari-2.jpgKari: Oh yeah, I get the half pounder.

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: *elbows Marv and gestures at Taro* No she doesn't.

Marv-2.jpgMarv: *snickers*

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: *rolls eyes* Gross, guys.

Momoka looked on with a smile, but was confused.

Momo-2.jpgMomoka: What is “half pounder” and “not Taro” funny?

They had a pleasant lunch, laughing and talking and generally getting to know the new addition, trying to see how well she was going to fit into their group. Everyone but Nina, that is. She picked at her gyro and tried to look happy, but something just bothered her about the whole situation.

Nina-2.jpgNina: Why do I hate this so much? I shouldn't feel threatened at all, Marv loves me. Me.

She looked at Marv as he laughed at something Dan-O said. Catching his eye, she gave him an apprehensive look, that she was hoping only he could read, and touched his elbow. He smiled at her and kissed her cheek and went on conversing with the others.

Nina-2.jpgNina: What, was that too subtle for you, you caveman? she thought forlornly.

Marv knew there was something wrong with Nina. He wasn't a very flashy person, though, and didn't want to make a public spectacle of himself. He planned on waiting until they were good and alone before he got into it with her. Lunch with their friends was NOT the place for whatever drama he was afraid was brewing in her head...

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: So anyways, I was talking to my homeboys here. And we decided that we all have to go out next weekend with my new hos Gabe and Noa.

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: *rolls eyes again and sighs* Hos? You are quite the ladies' man there, aren't you Dan-O?

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: *obnoxious smile* You know it, baby sis.

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: Ugh! *turns away*

Kari-2.jpgKari: Where we going? I'm always interested in whatever has to do with clubbing! Now we have those sexy new outfits Erisa picked out for us!

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: Probably The Pole again.

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: *raises eyebrow in surprise* Does he expect me to show my face in that tramp station?

Nina-2.jpgNina: What's The Pole?

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: You don't know? Geez, how sheltered are you?

Nina-2.jpgNina: Dan-O fu-!

Marv-2.jpgMarv: Whoa, Nina, relax, he was joking. *puts his arm around her shoulder and hugs her tightly, kissing her forehead*

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: Damn, dude, what's crawled up her panties? *smiles, pokes Nina* You alright there, baby sis?

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: Hey, I thought I was your baby sis!

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: *proudly* You are, you are. You are my Number One baby sis. *hugs her tightly*

He earned a giggle from Nina and decided it was safe enough to continue.

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: I figure we'll take the train to the club, and we'll all get way too drunk, dance like fools, and have a little dirty fun like we never have.

Nina-2.jpgNina: That's not a half bad idea...

She, Erisa, and Kari all exchanged looks of excitement.

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: Alright, then it's a date. Momoka, you can come, too. You have some sexy dancin' clothes at home, right?

Momo-2.jpgMomoka: Sexy? Yes, yes. That word, I know!

Nina deflated at the confidence contained in the girl's comment and went introspective once again. She was hoping that lunch was over and she'd finally get some alone time with Marv.

Taro-2.jpgTaro: Alright, I guess we'll pay and get moving.

Kari-2.jpg *looking at each other hungrily*

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: *dryly* Uh oh, seems like someone's 'rents ain't home...

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: Drill 'er, dude.

Taro-2.jpgTaro: *salutes Dan-O* Will do, sir.

Kari-2.jpgKari: *smiling, shakes her head* Boys, boys, boys.

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: You see that? No anger, no refutation. She's lovin' it, ain't she?

Kari-2.jpgKari: *slaps the back of Dan-O's head*

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: Ow!

Kari-2.jpgKari: *glances at Erisa*

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: *nod of approval* I see you've been practicing. Keep up the good work.

Marv-2.jpgMarv: Okay so, Momoka, I think I'll drop you off at home and then I got some stuff I gotta do with Nina.

Momo-2.jpgMomoka: *slightly disappointed* Oh, okay. It is private thing?

Marv-2.jpgMarv: Well...

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: Hey, if you wanna hang out, we can go shopping. Those two look like they need rescuing. Just come with me, we'll stop by your house and we'll look at your club clothes. If you don't have sexy stuff for the boys, we'll go shopping.

Momo-2.jpgMomoka: Oh, that is maybe fun! *touches Marv's and Nina's arms, says with great concern* You take care, okay?

Nina-2.jpgNina: Uh, sure, thanks. Grr... She needs to be a [expletive] so I can hate her with a clear conscience!

They went out to their cars and went their separate ways for the day.

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The plot thickens like a bowl of soup.......

Things could get really interesting in Marv's house soon, just make sure Dan-O is there, love that guy!! :D
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hahei: Ooo, a Dan-O/Momoka hookup? The idea has merit. We have to wait and see how things progress from here...

Roger51: Heh, Good ol' Dan-O!

emperordaniel: Because he's a ladies' man, emperordaniel. And now for more!
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