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The Sensational Six #31

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EDIT: Hahahaha, I forgot to add Momoka's pictures! Enjoy the full entry from now!

Okay, so there were quite a few filler issues in there before Problems with Peaches, but here we are! And what awesome trouble we're going to find ourselves in :D !

As they passed the middle of March the weather warmed significantly. Instead of being in the mid 40s everyday with heavy cloud cover, warm southerly breezes brought with them humid 60s and 70s, as well as the fogs that engulfed much of the island every evening and morning. Additionally, it brought about the end of the school year in Japan, which meant a new round of Japanese exchange students entering the Port Matthew school system. It was generally accepted that the students would spend 15 months in Port Matthew and graduate on the island before going to college or returning home. North American students also participated heavily in the exchange program, but since the PM school year almost mirrored the American one, summer was the traditional time for them to arrive. There were a large number of families who participated in the exchange programs. Generally it was the usual suspects who joined in the program. Nina's family, having American and Japanese expatriates welcomed students from both countries nearly every year since Nina could remember. They opted out of it last year, however, and appeared to be opting out again this year.

Marv's parents, however, were trying it out for the first time, spurred into it by Taro's and Erisa's parents. Since Lucy, Marv's older sister (by three years, same as George and Nina) had moved away to college, they expressed their preference for a boy. However one Saturday morning at Marv's house...


MarvsMom-2.jpgMarv's Mom: Marv, come on down here.

Marv-2.jpgMarv: Coming Mom.

Soon he was bounding down the stairs with Nina right behind him.

MarvsMom-2.jpgMarv's Mom: Oh Nina, I didn't realize you were here! How nice to see you again!

Nina-2.jpgNina: *dazzling smile* Hi, Mrs. Parker.

MarvsMom-2.jpgMarv's Mom: You are just so precious. *smiles back then turns her eyes to Marv again* Well, since you're both here, I'd like to introduce you to our new exchange student, Momoka.

Marv's mom stepped aside and gestured at a very, very attractive Japanese girl giving them a shy smile. Marv returned the smile, and so did Nina after a short hesitation.

Marv-2.jpgMarv: Nice to meet you. *shakes her hand* Welcome to Port Matthew. This is Nina, my girlfriend.

Nina-2.jpgNina: Nice to meet you.

Nina stepped forward and shook her hand also, but the hairs on the back of her neck were standing up and she felt sweat beading on her back.

Nina-2.jpgNina: That girl's gonna be living with Marv?? Taking showers in his house, and doing laundry? Wearing underwear? Oh my god!

Momo-2.jpgMomoka: *sweetly* Nice to meet you too.

She was a little taller than Nina, with slightly athletic, slightly exaggerated build like a model and a smile that Nina felt was threateningly beautiful. She had Japan thick in her words, and obviously needed to study more (which was, of course, why she was there).

MarvsMom-2.jpgMarv's Mom: We're going to let her get settled into Lucy's old room. We already told her about this, so she won't be surprised when she visits us after the semester's over. Would you be so kind as to help her with her baggage?

Marv-2.jpgMarv: Sure Mom, no problem.

Marv happily (Too happily Nina thought) moved to pick up her bags and carry them upstairs.

Nina-2.jpgNina: Here, let me help. *reaches for a bag*

Marv-2.jpgMarv: *brushes her attempt at help away* Nah, I got it, don't worry.

Momo-2.jpgMomoka: Such nice guy. *smiles at Nina*

Across from Marv's room was his sister's old room, now Momoka's room.

Marv-2.jpgMarv: In here, uh, Momoka. *walks through the doorway, sets her bags down in the middle of the room* Where d'you wan' 'em?

She gave him a blank look-

Nina-2.jpgNina: Ugh, she's helpless! CUTE and helpless!

and Nina quickly translated his question into Japanese.


Momo-2.jpgMomoka: Oh! You speak Japanese!

Nina-2.jpgNina: *fails an attempt at a friendly smile* Of course, everyone on Port Matthew speaks Japanese. Why do I dislike her so much?

Marv-2.jpgMarv: Even I do.

Momo-2.jpgMomoka: Wow, I can't wait to learn more English so I can be like you guys, that's so amazing!


Marv-2.jpgMarv: *much slower with clearer pronunciation* So, anyways, I asked, where do you want them?

Momo-2.jpgMomoka: Ano... Ah, put them next to a bed.

Nina-2.jpgNina: Hahaha, you don't need “a,” you need “THE!”

Marv-2.jpgMarv: Alright, we'll let you get unpacked. We'll be in my room- *points at his room across the hall through the open door* -so please ask if you have any questions.

Marv and Nina smiled at her and returned to his room. Momoka closed the door softly behind them and once back in Marv's room, Nina closed the door and wheeled on Marv with a bewildered look on her face, as though she had just gotten robbed.

You're gonna be living in the same house as her? is what she wanted to ask, or rather scream at him, but she kept her voice in check and tried to think of a more tactful way to express her dissatisfaction at this new arrangement.

Nina-2.jpgNina: So, uh, you've got a new roommate, huh?

Marv-2.jpgMarv: *suspicious of Nina's actions* Yeah, seems that way.

Nina-2.jpgNina: Kinda pretty, isn't she?

Marv-2.jpgMarv: BINGO. *triumphant smile* Oh my god, you're jealous aren't you!

Nina-2.jpgNina: *hisses* I am not, and don't talk so loud!

Marv-2.jpgMarv: Come on Nina, I don't even know what she's like. How are you gonna be jealous of someone you've seen one time, the first time you meet 'em?

Nina-2.jpgNina: *crosses her arms and pouts* Because I can tell, she thinks you're cute!

Marv-2.jpgMarv: What? You can't tell that. Besides, have I done anything to make you not trust me?

Nina-2.jpgNina: Well, no, it's not you I don't trust, it's her. I don't know what she's like!

Marv-2.jpgMarv: Exactly! You have to give it some time before you jump to conclusions like that!

Nina-2.jpgNina: Well, she is really pretty, maybe even gorgeous, and she's gonna be sleeping in your house, and using your shower. She'll be naked in the same place as you!

Marv-2.jpgMarv: *rubs chin and stares off into distance* Well, you put it like that. Hadn't crossed my mind before.

Nina-2.jpgNina: You're a jerk!

She steped over to him to punch him in his shoulder. He caught her arms and wrestled her into his lap where they kissed and then smiled at each other.

Marv-2.jpgMarv: *smiling* Yeah, but I'm the jerk who's in love with you.

Nina-2.jpgNina: *heart melts* Oh, he's right... I love you too...

And they kissed again...

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Looks fantastic! I've got a baaad feeling somethings gonna happen with Nina, Marv and Momoka...

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escilnavia: Thank you! There are FAR better SC4 players than I, but I'm not bad, eh? ;)

emperordaniel: Hm, what could be in store for our young friends?

111222333444: Totally, I know, right?

Roger51: Heh, jealousy is a stinky cologne.

10000000000000: Thank you! I've re-read and altered them many times in the last year, and I agree with your assessment if I do say so myself ;) !

hahei: Oh do you now? But honestly, only good stuff happening to our friends here makes for a pretty boring read, don't you think? ;)

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