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Lake Benihana - South

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8. Lake Benihana - South


@111222333444, MamaLuigi945, scott1964, Mastof, terring, johan_91, mevr.lis; Thank you all very much for your comments!

@k50dude; would I make something that looks like oregon? whatever gave you that idea? :D

@NMUSpidey; Aha! Actually the first thing that popped into my head was Northern Mississippi University, but I don't even know if such a place exists, and it's still just as wrong. :lol:

@Schulmanator; Thank you, sir! Now if there were only 5 kitties I could give shulmania to return the favor....


New Stuff.

Area: Mt Fuji

Tile: Lake Benihana

Moving on, we're going to head to the south end of Lake Benihana and look at a bit of the town by the same name. Today we'll look at the west and south parts of the town.

1. The volcanic forces beneath Mt. Fuji provide ample heat to power a geothermal power plant.


2. On the west end of the town is a small airstrip and rail station.


3. Overview of the housing on the west end.


4. The town's educational facilities.


5. Waterfront cottages on the south end.


6. A little closer.


7. More cottages and some businesses near the southern beach.


8. Over the decades the region's businesses have been divided between the control of 70 families, who run their business empires like fuedal lords. Some of them have chosen the scenic Lake as the site of their family compounds.


9. No expense is spared on their lavish fortress-like mansions.


10. The mansion of another family.


11. And their private helicopter pad.


12. Air facilities to facilitate their family business.


13. Some of the local families also keep boats near the air facilities.


14. And lastly some houses between the castles.


That's all for today. Cya next time when we peruse more of the City. Don't forget to rate, +1, and leave a comment if you wish. Thanks for stopping by!

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Cool, great flora work! I love the diagonals in the 3rd picture. 5/5 and +1 from me.

Oh yeah, btw, Is that all ploppable water :O

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I agree with Ten Trillion. This was a great update. Did you possibly get the name from the restaurant? :P

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Do you really need me to say the flora looks awesome?

Anyways, in the Mt Fuji area there are some seriously wealthy people. I live on the peninsula south of there, and this whole region is a tourist destination, full of hot springs and whatnot (there is also a surprising number of helipads). While the industrialists' estates are a bit of flight of fancy, there is indeed a great deal of yen spread about the land!

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Looks awesome, though I have to say that Lake Benihana's name is REALLY original :P

How long did all that MMP flora take you?

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