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Welcome to Windemere! - CJ Info

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Welcome to Windemere!

Windemere is my first attempt at a City Journal. It was orginally started in the Old CJ Forums on August 27, 2011. Since then, it has nearly 90 comments and over 2,000 views. In the nearly 2 months it has been up and running, 22 updates have been published. A new more modern and less cluttered look was adopted starting in Update 20.

Updates here in the new CJ Section will mirror those in the CJ forums.

The first 19 updates have been brought over here, and are under the "legacy updates" title. They are divided as followed:

Legacy Update 1: Updates 1-5

Legacy Update 2: Updates 6-10

Legacy Update 3: Updates 11-15

Legacy Update 4: Updates 16-19

Updates 20-22 have each been individually published.

I welcome you to Windemere here in the new section, and hope you enjoy! If you would like to visit Windemere in the CJ Forums, click


Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy!

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