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BTT (CJ section): 20 October 2011

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Hi, 9988. Slovakia is up this week on both charts.

Hi, TowerDude. Good stuff last time.

Hi, blunder. Welcome to the Top Ten.

Hi, ggamgus. Looks like you kept your audience yet again.

Hi, emperordaniel. Hope to see a new update from you soon.


Ben's Top Ten

This week the theme is 'new'. There's a new number one - well done to Sandalwood County. This is the first CJ to have been number one on both Top Tens. And there are three new entries: Somewhere at 5, Ring of Fire at 8, and City of Cambridge at 9.

Until next time, happy CJing.


Ben's + 10

New York by IAM AJAK

Republic of Onubis by Evillions

The Sultanate of Kalu Sabah by Sky Guy

Medina by kakado_to_save

Port Matthew's The Sensational Six by NMUSpidey

The Times of Troix by 111222333444

Commonwealth of Callamesia by simfreak1998

Auburn by GreekMan

Republic of Llithustania by huston

Salem by Evillions

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@escilnavia. Yes, you have. Congratulations, escilnavia! May your CJ prosper...

@Benedict. I know, I have amazing audience. I don't feel worthy of my audience... :(

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The CJ Section Top 10 + 10 has a [i]very[/i] different look to that of the CJ forums. Congrats to those in the top 10!

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