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The Sensational Six #29

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I have it on good authority that this resembles a real conversation between girls quite well. Enjoy your brief view into a world that few guys ever get a real glimpse of!


Around noon that day at Ribbie's...

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: Where're our boys?

Erisa joined Nina and Kari at their usual table at Ribbie's, but it was half empty (or half full, depending on your point of view).

Nina-2.jpgNina: It's girls' day.

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: *eyes Nina suspiciously*

Kari-2.jpgKari: The boys are out doing something boys like to do.

Nina-2.jpgNina: *giggles* Yeah, playing video games, building something mechanical or out of wood, or farting.

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: Right. So, you guys order yet?

Erisa slid into the booth and picked up a menu. They ordered their meals (Nina ate a gyro, Kari got their biggest hamburger, and Erisa ordered their buffalo wings).

Nina-2.jpgNina: *excitedly* We both have kinda big news.

She had inherited a lot of her girlish enthusiasm from her mom, and it showed whenever she knew something that needed to be shared with others but was also a little bit secretive or dirty.

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: Really? I like a good gossip from time to time. Let's hear it!

Kari-2.jpgKari: *leans forward, grins* First, I slept with Taro last night!

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: What?? Wow! Uh, congratulations, I guess.

Nina-2.jpgNina: So how was it? We both like, really need to know.

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: *businesslike* Yeah, I'm not particularly interested in Taro, but it would be helpful to have an idea of what to expect.

Kari sighed and thought about how to answer. She didn't want to be gross, but knew that they were expecting some level of intimate detail.

Kari-2.jpgKari: Over lunch, no less. Well, I'm gonna have to warn you both up front: it was a little painful.

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: *sighs* Yeah, I knew that.

Kari-2.jpgKari: I mean, once you get going, it's not so bad, well, of course I mean it feels amazing so you wanna do it again, but unless your boy's done it before, it's over in a matter of seconds.

Nina-2.jpgNina: *leans towards Kari, staring at her curiously as she takes a sip of her soda* Taro was...

Kari-2.jpgKari: *shy smile* Obviously a virgin.


Kari-2.jpgKari: Well so was I! I don't think I was anything fabulous, either!

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: No, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to laugh so much. It just sounded funny, s'all. I don't think any of us here have much experience in that sorta thing, you know?

Nina-2.jpgNina: Yeah, so far as high school juniors at nearing the prom goes, we're pretty lame compared to a lot of our classmates.

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: *low voice* So Kari, do you have any pointers at all?

Kari-2.jpgKari: Well... *sighs* It's gonna sound gross...

Nina-2.jpgNina: Just let us have it, Kari!

Kari-2.jpgKari: Okay, I got it. Anyways, it has to do with lubrication...

She let the word settle in and tried to gauge their reactions. They looked stoneface serious though, so she continued.

Kari-2.jpgKari: For me, I do a little bit of, uh, exploring? So it was alright, I was a bit more slippery, maybe 'cuz I prepared? I don't know. I heard it's different for everyone. So just a word of warning to you guys. Be prepared to like, lubricate if necessary. Helps a LOT.

Nina-2.jpgNina: Everyone does exploring. I've heard that before.

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: Not everyone. You guys remember that American exchange student last year?

Kari-2.jpgKari: Which one? There was like 100 of 'em.

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: Okay, the one who played volleyball, remember her?

Erisa sighed and looked at them but received only blank stares in return.

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: Alright, well, it's not important, but she revealed that she didn't explore anything. She told us it was gross and she didn't really want to talk about it very much. We tried to keep our conversations real sterile around her after she said that, but one time she caught us in the middle of talking about something similar, and we asked her why she thought how she thought and she just shrugged. Turns out lots of American girls don't do that.

Nina-2.jpgNina: Wow, learn something new everyday...

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: So Nina, what's your big news?

Nina-2.jpgNina: Oh, right, I had news too. Kari's news is just so big that I forgot mine...

Kari-2.jpgKari: *pokes Nina* Shut up about me and spill already!

Nina-2.jpgNina: Okay. Marv said he loves me yesterday!

She beamed at her friends, and actually blushed slightly at the thought. Her friends smiled widely at her in return.

Kari-2.jpgKari: OH, that's great, Nina! I'm so happy for you!

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: Me too, you guys are great together. I'm really glad you're going out so that we can all hang out together. Marv's a good guy and you're a good girl, so together you're great! *pauses for a second and a dark look flashes across her face* I was interrupting you two last night, wasn't I? I shouldn't dump my problems on other people who are happy...

She had a look of horror on her face and felt like a bad friend.

Nina-2.jpgNina: *friendly smile* Nah 'Ris, we were fine. We had a good time, and obviously we aren't ready to do anything as exciting as our friend Kari here.

Kari-2.jpgKari: We need to perk you up, 'Ris. Maybe we should go into the city and go shopping.

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: *hesitantly* Shopping? With you guys? I think our tastes are a little bit different...

Nina-2.jpgNina: Well, I have a great idea. How about we each go to each others' favorite stores, and we'll pick out outfits for each other! Then we'll have a sampling of Erisa's style, my style, and Kari's style!

Nina liked this very much. She was more conservative than the other two, shying away from the name brands Kari wore and not exposing as much skin as Erisa liked to do. She envied them both from time to time, wanting to dress up a little more or be a bit sexier...

Erisa and Kari both thought it was a great idea also, and thought it would be a good way to throw the boys off balance when they were all together again outside of school. With the weather warming up, they would have a lot more options of things to do, too. The springtime was going to bring with it lots of new and interesting things...

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mm.... interesting... when will you be updating next? Great story line, by the way!

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Very, very interesting!! :P

Nice to share stories with others, even if it is gossip :D This shopping trip sounds like the boys may have some confusion when the girls come back XD

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hahei: I try to update whenever I see The Six drop off the front page, but if it's only been a day, I tend to hold off. If Simtropolis is slow in loading that pushes the updates back as well. So, every other day or less frequently.

escilnavia: Why thank you! There's kind of a little bit of everything going on in that one, isn't there?

111222333444: Thank you!

emperordaniel: How 'bout today?

Roger51: Thank you! Heh, there will be many changes coming in the next few issues. Stay tuned for Problems with Peaches, after the boys finish their lunch ;) !

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