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Dabbinport cont'd

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I have realized people have requested pictures. So i am more than able to ablige. (did i spell that write) Anyway

I will post one at day and one at night. Just so you know i modded in the twin towers and the new world trade center. So any hate comments will be deleted. Here they are:


So there they are and tune in next time!

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Note: This is not a hate comment! It is to help you improve :D

-There are a couple of dependency files missing from those buildings that you said were "modded"/ they are not modded, but simply lots that have been placed. And anyways, your missing several dependency files. Do take a look at some other CJs. Hate comments aren't allowed on CJs here on ST. So don't expect them. We want to make you a better CJer, not discourage you. :) The city looks OK. But really, that's alot of windmills. Check out some 5 star CJs for inspiration. Close the menu when taking pictures. Get a water mod. Don't let your city become polluted. [b]USE MORE CUSTOM CONTENT[/b]. Your missing some updates (Like the EP1 Update for instance, that allows custom content to display nightlights) You could sign up for CJ school to learn more :D

Edit this all you desire, delete it if you want. I just want to help :)

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The biggest thing for me: uploading your pictures to an image-hosting website (photobucket.com, imageshack.com, flickr.com, imgur.com, etc) and then direct linking them here will allow us to see the images in all their full-sized glory without having to click on each individual one. 10000000000000 also knows what he's talking about, his advice is also good. Pretty much everyone here is willing to help you out. I'll add a smiley so you know I'm not being sarcastic or mean :D

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