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The Sensational Six #28

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At Taro's nearly-empty house the following morning...

Kari-2.jpgKari: *groggily answers phone* Mmm... Hello?

Nina-2.jpgNina: Hey Kari, it's Nina. Where are you?

Kari-2.jpgKari: *sits up, tries not to disturb Taro* Oh... Umm... I stayed at Taro's house...

Nina-2.jpgNina: Taro's house? Really? I didn't think I saw your car at home last night when I drove by. Did you guys have fuuuuuuun?

Kari-2.jpgKari: *sheepishly* Yeah....

Nina-2.jpgNina: OH MY GOD, YOU DIDN'T, DID YOU?

Kari-2.jpgKari: *whispering with annoyance* Shh, I can't talk right now. I'll call you back later, okay? We'll get lunch.

Nina-2.jpgNina: *excitedly* OH MY GOD, YOU ARE A WOMAN NOW! I feel like such a little girl, how will I ever be able to talk to you again as an equal?

Kari-2.jpgKari: *whispers* We'll talk later, chill out! I'll call you back, okay? Bye.

Nina-2.jpgNina: Kari, wait, I-

Kari-2.jpgKari: *click*

Taro-2.jpgTaro: Mornin', sexy. Sleep well?

Kari-2.jpgKari: *grins* Oh, yeah. I feel great. You?

Taro-2.jpgTaro: *small smile* I think we'll have to put in some more practice so we can get really good at it.

Kari-2.jpgKari: Yes, but this time, I wanna be on top...



And at back at Nina's house...

Nina sat on her bed and stared at her phone.

Nina-2.jpgNina: She hung up on me! The little [expletive] did it, and hung up on me! I'll bet she's doing it again right now!

Nina stared out the front window and saw George's car pulling into the driveway.

Nina-2.jpgNina: Oh great, and here comes the G-Man to knock me down a peg... What's he doing here this early on a Saturday anyways?

Nina got up and made her way downstairs. Her dad was reading something on his laptop in the living room but looked up and smiled at her.

NinasDad-2.jpgNina's Dad: Hey Nina, Tigers are comin' to Port Matthew to play the Suzumebachi next month. I think I can get us great seats, or use the Best Defense's box, you wanna go?

Nina-2.jpgNina: Oh, uh, yeah, just let me know.

Her dad was a big Detroit Tigers fan, and always tried to catch them when they came through town. He got into a huge argument with one of the Best Defense's executives, a Jewish guy named Austin Gold-something-or-other over him wearing his old English “D” hat into their box at The Hive. It was a major faux-pas, wearing the visiting team's apparel in a box at the home team's stadium, but his high standing with the university and the Best Defense let him get away with it time and time again. Nina remembered him saying indignantly, “I may be a PMer now, but I'm not giving up everything from my home.”

NinasDad-2.jpgNina's Dad: That'll be fun. Hey, why don't you bring your little boyfriend with us? It'll be a great chance to bond. I know you wanted to take your new friends to a hockey game, but I just couldn't get tickets. The remaining games were sold out...

He was bitterly disappointed at being unsuccessful in trying to get tickets for when the Detroit Red Wings came to town, and his face said he was pouting a bit inside.

George-2.jpgGeorge: *looking very fashionable* Guys, how's it going?

NinasDad-2.jpgNina's Dad: *half-heartedly, looking back at his computer again* George, welcome home. What brings you in so early?

George-2.jpgGeorge: Got some news. Where's Mom?

George pulled off his sunglasses (Nina noticed they were designer) and walked into the living room and sat down on a chair across from their dad. Nina walked in and joined them, but remained standing, leaning on the counter that served as a separator between the kitchen and living room.

NinasDad-2.jpgNina's Dad: Shopping. She's got some friends in from Japan she's meeting at the airport, so she left early to go shopping and buy them souvenirs. You know Japanese people and their souvenirs.

Nina-2.jpgNina: Oh, I love that! We always get such great sweets!

NinasDad-2.jpgNina's Dad: *grumbles* Yeah, then I get dragged all over the place to buy something for people I barely know. And it can't be too expensive or too cheap.

George-2.jpgGeorge: Heh, sucks to be you, Dad.

NinasDad-2.jpgNina's Dad: So, boy, what's your news?

George-2.jpgGeorge: Well, I was hoping Mom would be here too, because this is pretty big.

NinasDad-2.jpgNina's Dad: How big?

George-2.jpgGeorge: Like, probably super big. Like, ginormous.

Nina-2.jpgNina: Well, I don't wanna wait for Mom if it's ginormous! Tell us! Wow, how does all this excitement happen in one day??

George-2.jpgGeorge: So, I was sitting in a cafe along the Canal Park when this really attractive woman walked up to me.

Nina-2.jpgNina: *rolls eyes* Oh, gross, I don't know if I wanna know now.

NinasDad-2.jpgNina's Dad: *chuckles*

George-2.jpgGeorge: ANYWAYS, she came up to me and asked me who I was, what I was doing, et cetera et cetera. Turns out she's a talent scout for some big entertainment agency and she wants me to go try being in a commercial.

Nina-2.jpgNina: Ooo, a commercial. So you're gonna what, hawk hemorrhoid cream?

NinasDad-2.jpgNina's Dad: No, your Mom's the hemorrhoid. What do they want you to sell?

George-2.jpgGeorge: Don't know.

NinasDad-2.jpgNina's Dad: When do you go?

George-2.jpgGeorge: Don't know.

NinasDad-2.jpgNina's Dad: How much do they pay?

George-2.jpgGeorge: Don't know.

NinasDad-2.jpgNina's Dad: Do you know anything?

Nina-2.jpgNina: No he doesn't.

George-2.jpgGeorge: Shut up, Nii-chan.

*sidenote* In Japanese, "nii-chan" means "older brother". It's a play on Nina's name, where you could make her nickname to "Nii" then add "chan" which is commonly added to girls' names when they're younger (and sometimes as something cute to call people you're especially close to when you're older regardless of gender).

Nina-2.jpgNina: I HATE that nickname! *sticks tongue out at George*

George-2.jpgGeorge: So, she said she'll call me next week after she lines up some auditions and then we'll see how far my looks get me. I gotta say, I'm really not surprised. I am quite the good-looking guy.

Nina-2.jpgNina: Wow, George, you're so awesome, all my friends want you, and my guy friends would totally go gay for you.

George-2.jpgGeorge: They would?

Nina-2.jpgNina: No, shut up, you're an idiot.

George-2.jpgGeorge: Nii-chan, must you always rain on my parade?

Nina-2.jpgNina: JERK! *jumps up, starts swatting him around his head*

George-2.jpgGeorge: Nii-chan, stop it! Be careful! I can't- OW- have my beautiful face marred by your clumsy, barbarian hands!

NinasDad-2.jpgNina's Dad: George, stop teasing your sister, and Nina, stop assaulting George. They throw people in jail for that.

Nina-2.jpgNina: They SHOULD throw people in jail for being a-holes to their younger sisters. *sits down on couch next to their dad*

NinasDad-2.jpgNina's Dad: So George, what entertainment agency is it?

George-2.jpgGeorge: Uh, I have her card.

He fished the business card out of his pocket and handed it to their dad. He looked at it closely through his glasses and then quickly typed something into his computer. He clicked through a couple of pages before leaning back and delivering his verdict.

NinasDad-2.jpgNina's Dad: Seems legit. But I wouldn't count on an entertainment career to put money in your pocket and pay your rent. I'm certainly not doing it for you. *returns card* I'm only behind this if it's a part time job to do alongside school. You're young for a limited time so you should enjoy it, but you also have to prepare for when you're old and ugly like I am.

George-2.jpgGeorge: *smirks* Oh, there's plastic surgery to help with that.

He knew his dad hated that, and used it from time to time to get a rise out of him. To his surprise, his dad stayed level and leaned forward.

NinasDad-2.jpgNina's Dad: George, you're on your own now. You have to be responsible. Something like this can change your life and give you opportunities you otherwise wouldn't have. You have to remember that there are consequences to your actions, long term ones. Just think about what you're doing and be responsible. You're a smart guy, I think you'll do fine.

George-2.jpgGeorge: Wow Dad, you're so full of fun and optimism. What ever would I do without you?

NinasDad-2.jpgNina's Dad: I'm your dad, not your friend, it's my job to put it to you like this. *glances at Nina* Something about her is a little different... That goes for you too, young lady. I like that boy you're dating, and your friends are really nice. Looks like you made some good choices with them. But just remember to think about things a little bit before you do them. Be responsible.

Nina-2.jpgNina: Okay Dad, I heard you when you told George.

She really understood what he was saying (girls mature faster than boys, so she figured she was ahead of George still) but wanted to appear cooler to George so she answered in a more sarcastic tone than she felt.

NinasDad-2.jpgNina's Dad: You two are funny kids, you know that? Pains in my ass. *rubs Nina's hair and smiles at George* So when you're a famous actor, are you gonna pay off my house and buy me an Aston Martin?

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I second for that Aston Martin too, a nice V12 Vantage will do just fine :D

Good to see a nice Nina story, including the family, especially the dad!! Lets hope it all works out well for George, with a happy ending :P (asking for to much????)
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Roger51: Heck at this point I'd be happy with a 12 year old DB7 with the straight six! And we're nowhere near the ending of HIS story...

emperordaniel: He might be. We'll see how it goes!

escilnavia: Thank you! Wait no more!

111222333444: Perhaps my favorite sibling exchange in the whole series right there.

Enjoy the next two parts! Then a new problem arises. And what does it have to do with peaches?
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