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Teaser - 1



I know... This looks like Marsh's Sandalwood (credit to him for inspiration), I just want to do my own version of an American growth CJ. I know that I am going against my "Slums for life" thing, but I am limited to middle class residents for the time being. As time progresses, then Slums / Ghettos will be added. ;)

Without a further ado... Here is the first teaser:



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Great Job! The foliage looks very nice! Its flawless, literally. Just a suggestion from me is to take out the "Left hand side drive mod"-makes it all the more American :lol: Can't wait to see more from you. :thumb:

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I'm flattered by you finding this inspiration from me, really. :) But you should try and find your own special way to make the city. Perhaps it develops from the surge of fishing around a sea, or was an original settlement along a river valley, or just a small strip of shops along the dry prairie plain abandoned after the dust bowl. Perhaps it's not 1 town at all but multiple communities growing and prospering in the area or maybe it grew with a european sense of architecture in mind do to a influx of migrant workers after a factory set up in the region. Or maybe one of your own special ideas.
It would provide people with both a different growth story of a similar subject, as well as help yourself come up with new ideas and imagination on your own. :)


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MamaLuigi945: This is intended to be an extended side project, but thank you!

Greekman: Thanks!

10000000000000: Thank you! I know, I messed the FLUPs. :P

Rodger51: Thanks mate!

Alejandoro24: Thank you!

marsh: Thanks mate! As for your suggestion, I wanted to make a town like this after getting inspiration from History class (I.E. the Massachusetts Bay Colony, etc. However, I was never experienced at making growth / American cities. By the time I saw your CJ, I was also inspired to do a similar styled side project like yours. This does not mean that I will simply copy of your hard-work. I do intend to my flavor in it and my terrain is suited to make a sustainable modern colony.

NMUSpidey, Thank you! I want to ghetto-ify this so badly. :P But, the town needs to grow first right? ;)

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