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Tropical Storm Ana

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Replies: Past Two Entries

Habei- That's my favorite aswell. ;)

Skyscraper241- Thanks!

Tropical Storm Ana Forms; Kicks Off Arcadian Storm Season!

Hey everyone, and welcome back. As you may remember, last week the first Tropical Depression formed near the Bay of Pratt. Well, that small storm has organized into our first Tropical Storm of the season, Ana.



Pressure- 999 mb

Winds- 60 knots; 69.1 mph

Movement- Northeast at 14 mph

Weathermen are saying that if it impacts land it will happen some time next week.


The Cone of Uncertainty (Where Ana may go) Let's hope it weakens!

Now To Gainesburg: Population 100,000

(Refur to the first entry for map of cities) Gainesburg is a smaller and less populous city north of Jackson, and is the only city in the Country of Smelt. Smelt was a colony that gained its independence from Pratt only recently, and has stuggled with the parting, making it the smallest city with a very small economy.


The city is famous for its small neighborhoods with localy owned sotres and boutiques.


On the downside, Gainesburg is also the leader in urban sprawl, having the least amount of office buildings than any other city. These are the only office buildings in Gainesburg.


More quaint neighborhoods; notice Smelt University in the top of the photo.


A perfect example of the urban sprawl the Gainesville is faced with; notice the small "downtown" in the upper right hand corner of the photo.


Remember to eat you pineapples kids!

Well, untill next week. Thank-you and Goodbye!

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