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Business Opportunities





I'm not sure if you all know where the town is specifically, but here is it in relation to some other things. Although I don't actually have the highway physically built yet, story-wise it is. ;)



With the town growing even more, some entrepreneurs have put their eyes on the small town. The first of which is the new Sandalwood Motel. Just finished not too long ago. It has already been seeing decent business from vacationers going on drives through the county.





The second business to set up was the new Towne Bank. The first bank in the county.



Lastly is the first devoted gas station within the city limits. Erected just north of Sandalwood Residents now do not have to drive nearly 2 miles outside town to the Aral station at the I-16 offramp, and before that, using the tank behind Old Gregs' pub to fill up. The town has certainly come far.



Even more houses have been completed and more are going up. This time more focused on the SW of town. Although some original residents of the town are beginning to complain about the amount of dirt in the air due to it all.




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Excellent work marsh, I'm very shocked at the amount of detail, may I ask what terrain mod you have? :thumb:
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I think this whole slow growth CJ is going very well, I still want to have my town like yours, but I finish mine to look untouched. You're is amazing. :thumb:

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Great job as usual. I'm looking forward to seeing Sandalwood as well as other neighborhoods develop.

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Oooooo. There really isn't much I can say that hasn't been said. I'm not feeling especially creative today, so... Next time! 5/5!

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Well, you certainly made the "Good things come in small packages" quote come true :P

Great update, it looks so real!

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[b]panthersimcity4, zulu, mamaluigi, Vlasky, 1000ect, NMUspidey, stonie, ThomasSimpsion, k50dude, Evillions & the rest:[/b] Thank you all for commenting. :D

[b]escilnavia:[/b] Orange's pyrean terrain mod. http://www.toutsimcities.com/downloads.php?view=1641

[b]termite:[/b] It's only a small town atm. Eventually when it gets bigger I'll have to zoom out, as I provide an overview at the beginning of every update. :)

[b]monsterman:[/b] Just search 'weasel' on the stex. All those house constructions are by him. :)

[b]Keder:[/b] I happen to find a lot of maxis useful. Their BATs are severely underrated. :) [i](Their lotting on the other hand... ick)[/i]

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