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Oceanolympics bid Part 3

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Hi all! ggamgus said I needed some facts to qualify, so here they are! Oh, just warning you, there will not be many pictures)


Jeunne Fenoire was founded in 1543, as a small town with little importance (See my History of Jeunne Fenoire and upcoming Jeunne Fenoire through the ages). From about 1603, the town grew in importance, and became a popular stop for traders going from Annue, a large city in Cartre. By 1687, when the city was over 100 years old, tragedy struck- The Black Death. Luckily, only about 4000 people were killed, and soon vanished. A theory put up by a Dr. Je'ammelle, is that traders from London brought the epidemic. During the Napoleonic Wars, since Praqcuis was in fact founded by both England and France (but has a more French culture) and secretly supported both sides. Praqcuis is neutral, but was invaded by Germany, but eventually won. The nearby nation of Sud Bosen (German for south evil) has made war threats, but war breakout is unlikely.


Today, THE entire historical area (which makes up about 80% of the city) is a UNESCO world heritage site. It has an efficient public transport systems, one of the highest capita per person on Earth and it's education is in the Top 5, as well as being the second most ecologically friendly city on Earth. Wow!

Here's some pictures of the city:


Yeah, if you like my CJ you will have seen this all before:


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*To qualify, the region must receive 7 out of 7 pts. If any of the questions below have a "no" for an answer, the region has not qualified and must take care of that problem to qualify.

**The numbers next to the questions show your progress in the qualification.

1. Does the region have a body of water? Yes. 1/7

2. Does the region have a soccer stadium, a swimming pool, and an extra venue? Yes. 2/7

3. Does the region have temperate climate and favorable elevation? Yes. 4/7

4. Is there an official Oceanolympics logo? Yes. 5/7

5. Are there pictures? Yes. 6/7

6. Are there facts? Yes. 7/7

Your final score is 7 out of 7, and HAVE qualified for the Oceanolympics.

[i]Congratulations! The city of Jeunne Fenoire is now an official Oceanolympics candidate.[/i]

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