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BTT (CJ section): 13 October 2011

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Hi, ggamgus. Seems like you sometimes gauged the audience wrong - but in a good way.

Hi, huston. Both of your chart-topping CJs deserved it.

Hi, emperordaniel. So far Boneila is going down well with the viewers.

Hi, escilnavia. Good to see your new project doing so well right from the start.

Hi, 111222333444. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Hi, efkin. Well, the good thing is that in the past your work has done very well in the forum section - maybe your new work will eventually be more popular over here?


Ben's Top Ten

Okatabawashi jumps back up to number one this week. We have two CJs new to the Top Ten: New York at 7, which is Ben's One to Watch, and Medina at 10.

Until next time, happy CJing.


Ben's + 10

The Sovereign Royal Planet by emperordaniel

The Times of Troix by 111222333444

Republic of Insulo by 2b2gbi

Seoul Project by bisabeois

Republic of Onubis by Evillions

Port Matthew's The Sensational Six by NMUSpidey

Somewhere by IL.

Auburn by GreekMan

Tenements & Rust by TekindusT

Rimg of Fire by blunder

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Great! #3 again. I intend to stay on this list, and I also intend to entertain my audience, so I got a real good entry tonight. I promise! It gon be gooooooood!..

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