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Quality of Life Index

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From the Office of the Supreme Wirdle



The Supreme Wirdle’s office compiles a large amount of data for use in making the uncannily wise decisions made which have made the nation so prosperous and purr filled. With the invasion by Queensferry and the ensuing protracted war, many have been concerned about the impact of these hostilities on the Schulminion quality of life. Her subordinates have been gathering information to put in a 163 page report. To spare you all of the details, here’s some summaries to show you how Schulmania is doing.




As you can tell, the war has had some impact on Schulmania’s overall quality of life, but the standard of living continues to remain high.


3rXU8c4Lsn1.png <------Click here to see the revolving globe showing Schulmania's visitors!


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Cool charts! Obviously your a much greater mayor than me, even in times of war. :D Great job Schulmanator.Is that entire cat made out of words :O Wow!
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:???:In case you are wondering how this report made its way from Schulmania to Simtropolis, it was the new internet hotspot at Wirtyplace... :lol:

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[b] [/b]


[i]NOTE: All replies above this are now added to post count totals for rank and awards.[/i]

[b][color=blue]Hahei[/color][/b] Thanks! Of course, nine lives will let you last a while!

[b][color=blue]NMUSpidey[/color][/b] Actually, quite well. The demand for everything is sky high due to the very small tows I build. They are desperate for anything!

[b][color=blue]Skyscraper241 [/color][/b] Thanks. Glad you liked it.

[b][color=blue]MamaLuigi945[/color][/b] Thanks! They are good little students!

[b][color=blue]Ggagmus[/color][/b] Thanks. Lemme know how yours are doing.

[b][color=blue]DCMetro34[/color][/b] Thanks. Vote for me!!

[b][color=blue]Escilnavia [/color][/b] [i]Obrigado[/i]! Bad jokes are the best ones!

[b][color=blue]10000000000000[/color][/b] Thanks! And yes it is a word cat. I have them for TSW, the Admiral and Ava ATM…

[b][color=blue]Wiecher[/color][/b] Good question… the ways of the Sim are truly mysterious!

[right][right] [/right][/right]
[right][right] [/right][/right]
[right][right][Volume 3 Update #192][/right][/right]
[right][right] [/right][/right]

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