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JMChannel 8 Special News Broadcast

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Channel 56: No Max don't do that you'll regret it!Why should I?You....WE INTERRUPT THE CURRENT PROGRAM FOR A SPECIAL NEWS BROADCAST

JMChannel 8 Transcript:Hello this Kate Williams and I'm reporting live infront of the Government plaza at Technopolist. CEO John called for this annoucement a few hours ago but did not tell us to why. At this time we do not know what he has called us for but it must be important for this is broadcasting on every channel and on phone lines.

Press Secretary: Que the music

CEO John: Thank you Thank you. Hell my name is CEO John and I'm announcing a government sponsored project to build a new city called Cyten City. Due to overcrowding in Technopolist we have decided to build another city to accomodate the increase of people living in the region. We have no further details to announce at the moment.

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