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When the neon lights shone

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Schulmanator: Thank you for your comment, I think the same!

bluemoose: Thanks for commenting! Downloading all the stuff goofyguytpa, marcszar and jumpthefence have released will guarantee you a little repetition!

100000000000000: Thank you for commenting!

111222333444: Thank you for your comment!

MamaLuigi945: Thank you for commenting!

VicRusty: Gràcies pel teu comentari! My town, Rubí, knows best about high voltage pylons, according to the town council, we have 9 kilometers of high voltage power lines laid in the city.

Roberto Robato: Thank you for your comment! W2W's are so cool...

Benedict: Thank you for your comment! You're right, it's very uncommon to see elderly people here...

packersfan: Thanks for commenting! After all, it's all about BATs!

Oh, and BTW, congratulations to GreekMan, who has posted the 1000th comment in this CJ!!



A lot of stuff going on these days. I've began working in not one but two places at the same time, I work in a valves manufacturing company in the morning, get my lessons in the afternoon, and twice a week I teach Math and Physics to a middle-school student. This has reduced my SC4-time to the minimum, this means that updates will come... eventually. But I'm still holding on at ST!

Neon lights are part of the cityscape in many places, specially in North America. Times Square is the most clamorous example we can think of, but there are other places that have seen their neon lights to be switched off these days. Let's take a look to them.


The Bayer sign in the top of this building has seen the rise and fall of Rankine. It's industrial success and its drop these last thirty years. Millions of people have driven on the highway besides it, and only a few of them can afford an aspirin blister on the drugstores.



Factories were major users of neon lights to make themselves a bit of advertisement. Along the highways and the elevated subway tracks, neon lights faded out a long ago still can be seen. Newsome Manufacturing pioneered with neon lights.


This Cyclone sign has also seen millions of kids in front of it, where this place was still a popular amusement park before being swallowed by the urban sprawl. Nobody cried when the carousel and the ferris wheel were torn down, but the contractors faced angry protests when they began demolishing the Cyclone. It all seemed that it would become a local landmark but now that time has gone, nobody seems to mind about the Cyclone.


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Nice One! I think they should improve neon technology (because it's energy efficient) and use it in our lights instead :D

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Oh how I love neon signs... [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Stag_sign"]Portland has one[/url] that's gone through a lot of history too...

Glad to look at a new update as busy as you are, I found it funny you said you were tutoring, I'm actually going to start a tutoring job (my first job, I'm probably quite a bit younger than you are :P) sometime this week or next week!

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You never disappoint - the elevated tracks are excellent in pic 1.

<div><br></div><div>And congratulations on 1000 posts - that is an amazing landmark.</div>

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