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Playing with the Lot Editor

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Thank you everybody for the praise about the Simlympic Opening Ceremony :)

I am trying my hand at my first city that will be, for the most part, completely made by the lot editor. I am making pieces for lower-wealth shantytowns and comparatively higher-wealth yet traffic infested areas with Latin, or Insulonian, culture.

I plan on making 14-20 different lots. These are two of them, both having a market closed to traffic on one street. Tell me what you think or if you have any ideas, I would greatly appreciate it :)


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What do I think? It looks fantastic!

It reminds me a lot to a project [b]Heblem[/b] started (but never finished) about a kind of modular districts you could combine.

Now you're going to have in mind a couple of things. Make sure you've got enough colonial buildings to avoid repetition (you've got a lot of lots planned), it won't be necessary to have a market on each street (maybe a small plaza or patios would be cool) and; if you know how, you could transit-enable the lots entrance in order you can drag a road/street to connect these lots with the rest of the city.

Great job so far!

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i love the gated market - what a cool idea. I agree with TekindusT, you only need one or two of those in a district, but they could be useful restaurant spaces, private gardens, that kind of thing.

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[b]TekindusT:[/b] Why thanks! I think I can avoid a good amount of repetition, especially once they end up in the city, where you can spread them all apart. I'll check into the transit-enabling too, but that probably won't happen for the next update. As far as the markets go, that's the only one for the Latin styled ones, I might put some into the shanties, but that's still up in the air.
[b]Benedict:[/b] Thanks, and really the same thing I said to Tekindus, that's probably all you're going to see of them :)
[b]MamaLuigi945:[/b] Thanks, I can't release them on the LEX because I need that right granted to me (and this is simple lotting, not a BAT, so that isn't going to happen :P) and I'm not sure about the STEX, or even the USNW Exchange for that matter, but I'll certainly see what people think later.
[b]Sky Guy:[/b] Thanks, I'm glad to hear it, but as I said to ML, I'm not 100% sure if I'll release them, since there is so much work I need to do behind the scenes (make them releasable, get permissions, find dependencies (a lot of them :P), etc.) but we'll have to see!

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Although I use the lot editor for growable buildings or module plazas, I never used them for an actual city. Very inspiring. :)

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Looks very good! I can't wait to see the town with those little tianguis on the streets. :P

Tianguis is the name for street markets, BTW.

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