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Update 36 - 10/11/11 - Introducing the National Highway System

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Update 36 - Introducing the National Highway System

This is not a full update with SimCity pictures, but it is an alert that I have uploaded and updated a bunch of maps to the District of Wenzel Street Map. On the map you will see two new highways designated N45 and N20. These are part of the new National Highway System. The National Highway System sign is an inverted triangle outlined in dark blue with the highway number in the top section of the sign followed by "WNHS" standing for Wenzel National Highway System and then at the bottom is the district, state, or province designation. In the case of the District of Wenzel it is "DW".


The new N20 will replace D10 on Highland Avenue (south of the Brittany River), and then continue southwest along Ogden Avenue. D10 has been shifted to Baltimore Avenue and will continue along that corridor on the south edge of the Brittany River.


The new N45 will come from the north piggybacking with D15 through Jefferson. At the intersection with D29, N45 will piggyback on D29 (Clement Avenue/Wisconsin Avenue) through Downtown Martin. Then it will follow D34 southwest to Hawthorne before continuing again following D29's current route south.


North-South National Highway routes will be designated with odd-numbers while East-West routes will be designated with even numbers.

Thanks for checking out the District of Wenzel! Update 37 - Rutland - is in the works!

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