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Sandalwood County

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A Bit More Growth




Winter moves into spring. The cold bitter air is replaced by the cool wet air of spring. Many plants and grasses in bloom.



After George Call moved in, many of the workers on the Francisca Bay Bridge and I-16 felt motivated to move into town. Already accustomed to the

residents from staying in the local in, shopping at the town store, and nights at the pub, some felt right at home already.



The streets empty. Why? They're all at the towns first baseball game.



The local schoolhouse is already expecting new students for the next school year, after summer when many of the houses are finished. With the recent

surge in new residents and sales in the local stores, the town has had a much needed increase in tax money. The Council voted and decided it was best

to spend the money on a field for the school. The students and residents are all happy with this new addition to Sandalwood. Although some say the

money should have been put to fix that pothole on the highway.




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I like how on your outlying lots you manage to 'blend' the edge of the lot with the terrain using MMP's. I've always had quite a bit of trouble pulling that off just right.:boggle:


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No typos this time. D:

I love the way you make the town grow gradually. And those construction lots are magnificent! Great job as always! :thumb:

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This is awesome, and I love the steady change of seasons instead of random seasons changing in. Your CJ is the inspiration of my city and is almost as good as Whitevale, but better in flora. I look forward to seeing what you do next, maybe a Spa's Victoria Apartments when it gets bigger?

P.S. I love the baseball field, is it painted in or where do you get it?

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*sung to the old Spider-Man tv theme*

Five for five, five for five
I feel like I'm watching it li-i-ive
Builds a town, any size,
_marsh_ really knows how to prioritize
His plops
Wherever there's unused land,
There will be wonderful flora and,
I'll rate you five for FIIIIIIIIIIVE!

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[b]DCmetro, blunder, dmonsta, mamaluigi, kakado_to_save, skyscraper, NMUSpidey, Vlasky, panthersimcity4, Evillions & 111222333444:[/b] Thank you all :D

p[b]ackersfan & zulu:[/b] It's by darknono -- here

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