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The Introduction of Notter Dame




Welcome to Notter Dame, the entertainment capital of the world.

Okay maybe I was exaggerating a little bit too much, Notter Dame isn’t really a world capital when it comes to entertainment. But this city surely doesn’t lack any of it! It’s safe to say that the city was eye balled from entertainment though.

Notter Dame, what used to be a small town with a lot of manufacturer warehouses came into the public eye when a movie called “No Shame in Running” was shown on the big screens around the planet. The movie itself was made by an amateur movie maker who was creating the movie originally for a college project. Obviously the idea and storyline of the movie felt so solid to the director wanted to see it on the big screen himself. It wasn’t until the director named “Nathan Tack” graduated from college, was then able to put his movie on the big screen.

Now don’t get me wrong, that one movie isn’t the item that created this city. The movie only made the location known to the people who watched it. But it did play a major role in the creation. It’s because of that movie the warehouses I told you about were all bought by a major manufacturing company called “Stamps Logistics”. Eventually all those small warehouses where then turned into manufacturing facilities to create majority of their products. And because of the transformation on the warehouses, numerous jobs opened up in the region. I think it’s been a little after three years the CEO of the "Stamps" company said he was relocating the HQ over to Notter Dame. Originally their HQ was located in the city of “Hoover Stone”, another major city icon. Today the Stamps company HQ is no longer in Notter Dame, but its major rival “LGS” is.

To make the long story short. Someone makes movie, that movie brings business attention to some old warehouses. The warehouse then were transformed, then creating loads of new jobs. The new jobs brings more people to the location.


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